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  • Juliet Butters Doty

    'Soul Whisperer'

    We are the Alpha & the Omega, the beginning & the end.

    We are Soul's from the same Source. We are here to experience everything fully & to find the truth, our true North within.

    To realize ourselves, to merge back to the One Love, Source of all.


    What does it mean to 'Unwind the Soul'?

    Simply put, I function as a Soul Whisperer, by taking you through an energetic process that relieves the causes of stress within you.

    I invite you to listen to this video to meet me and learn more.

    • Move past your ‘Stuff’ once and for all and not look back

    • Have the Access and Knowing that what you hear or feel is truth

    • to Flourish in life

    • Move from BreakDOWN into BREAKThrough

    • Stride out of STRESS

    • Bust out of Contracted Gridlock into EXPANSION

    • Move from CRAZY thoughts to CLARITY

    • Experience, your true 'Spiritual Posture'

    What if you could feel ..

    Your inner being more able to harness your Spiritual Posture, your True North and drive with your Divine GPS within … thereby allowing deeper connection to the heart. To feel....

    • Incredible space in your field
    • Ability to FOCUS under chaos & duress
    • Increased JOY and HAPPINESS and PURPOSE-FUL 
    • Greater CLARITY and ability to set goals
    • To see your direction ahead
    • A sense of Stillness throughout your day
    • FREE of Psychic Interference, or crazy thinking 
    • Able to communicate successfully with your INNER VOICE
    • Create and MANIFEST what you want
    • Navigate through life & make big decisions confidently

    Experience Evolutionary Astrology

    In essence, the Evolutionary Astrologer is a SOUL WORKER who is able to help you understand more deeply your own unique journey in this lifetime.

    Discover what your Life Purpose may be, and what your next evolutionary steps and unique lessons are. Juliet helps you to realize the invaluable skipped steps or ongoing lessons you may have been working on from previous times.

    Astrology is the natural science of understanding, reading, recording & following the seasons and cycles of our universe.

    In trying to embody our harmonic balance we can better sing our song out to the universe ... astrology is a marvelous tool.

    ASTRO = heavens or stars. LOGY = Logi or logging/to log.

    Making all data of the stars, heavens, seasons & cycles of the ages.

    Evolutionary Astrology is a tool to see the Soul and what you have come here to attain in this lifetime.

  • "I have been attending Juliet’s meditations for years, receiving wise counsel through her guided journeys and astrological readings. Juliet is tuned into the higher realms in such a magical and profound way. I feel so honored and grateful to have her as one of my primary resources in navigating the energies of this Life. I highly recommend her! At the very least, join one of her full/new moon meditations!"

    Will Wilkinson ~ author of

    'Thriving in Business and Life'

    "Juliet is a gifted seer/healer. Yes, she has epic skills, refined over a lifetime of service, but she's also a natural; she's got what can't be taught or learned; a soul that's here for one purpose only, to live her mission and help others do the same."

  • Guided Journey Meditations

    Shattering, Creative Times in Progress

    LIVE Guided Journey Meditations

    I offer Audio Calls on each NEW Moon, providing Guided Meditation. I share a little astrology of the incoming Moon and then we dive into prayer & the Journey, transmitted through ~ each one unique & infused with healing.

    Listen to an example on this video: Awakening into the deeper Heart

    Guided Journey Meditation Archives

    Please view my YouTube channel for access to my library of Meditations.

    Listen to an example on this video: 'Love is Why we are Here'

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