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Synastry & Relationship ~ learning interpersonal dynamics

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 486 US dollars
  • Online


Synastry is the art of Relationship Astrology. It is an illuminating study of how individuals interact and affect each other. It's more than just attraction. Synastry & Composite charts, Signs, Temperament, Qualities, and Elements all factor into what makes two people click, create alchemy and stay together. Honoring the integrity of each person, we explore together the meaning of the connection— what brings you together, relational styles, emotional dynamics, communication, underlying expectations, lessons to be learned alone and together, the potential for shared growth over time. The relationship can also be for a marriage, business, friends, parents and children, families, groups, a work partner, a family member or a friendship relationship. Planning a date for your special wedding day can also be plotted finding the perfect moment utilising astrology. *If you don’t know your time of birth, it is worthwhile doing some research. Often the time is on your birth certificate. Otherwise ask a reliable family member, research hospital or town clerk’s birth records. If you can only get a general idea, we will start with that. If there is no clue, we can still look at the planetary pattern of your birthday and get a good deal of information, but I won’t be able to be as specific or address certain questions. ** Disclaimer' for all Readings & Healings "I will do my best to provide insight and support through the Astrology Reading and/or UWS Healing time together, but always, you are in the driver’s seat. You are entirely responsible for your own choices. My insights, opinions, or advice are not meant to sway or override your own judgement, wisdom, or intuition. You remain solely responsible for any application of the information we have discussed, for your action or non-action, and the consequences that may occur." ~ Juliet Butters Doty


To cancel or reschedule please contact me 48 hours prior. Extreme circumstances are taken into consideration of course, but I do need the 24 hour notice in general. Mahalo.



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