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FREE Consultation for Mentorship

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  • UnWind the Soul ~ Home Office


I invite you to join me in a mentorship of awakening you to your magnificence. To walk side by side, together, the path of diving into the depth of the heart to discover what is true. To discover that life can be effortless, graceful and finally aligned to your true north. I would love to impart how I found my way out of the internal maze of the inner critic constantly pulling me down, doubting my every move, choice or thoughts that I might succeed or even become happy. I too, had very low self esteem or value in myself. To embolden and invigorate you as to how to build a foundation of strength and discipline to maintain a daily practise. There is a fuel that is garnered from the simplicity of breathing and cherishing your connection to Source. This fuel source drives you ever onwards, guiding and instilling a deeper knowing, clarity and a sense of directional purpose felt. A renewed vigour for life is instilled bringing a revived drive and passion. The benefits gained are right down to cellular shifts and grokking the changes into the physical body. A ruthless honesty is required as the ego is masterful with its avoidance and self sabotaging tactics. The ego, in control of the Monkey Mind too, needs to be harnessed in and brought into an authoritative strategy that is consistently rigged to focus on what you actually wish to create and manifest in your life. There is a graceful majesty that takes over and I am guided by Source to bring you through gateways that can feel mysterious and disorientating, however once through the passage, clarity and a steadfastness is gained, instilling a sense of renewed assurance that All is Well. I was blessed to receive teaching from a dear lady whom my Mother introduced me to. I studied and worked with Medina for near ten intensive years and so I would to impart to you all I learned and experienced with Medina. She taught myself along with others, how to unravel the SOUL by way of understanding the Cosmic story. The Cosmic story is our story - it is one and the same. Nuances are felt within my field that are actually your nuances of where and how you may be misguided or shown a path that only sabotages, undermines and leads you where you do not truly wish to move through. I am enabled with the help of Source and prayer, to remove the glitches, the layers of entrapments laid down over aeons of time. Working as a Soul Whisperer or Soul Midwife of sorts, I am endowed to feel where you may move out of your integrity


To cancel or reschedule please contact me 24 hours prior. Extreme circumstances are taken into consideration of course, but I do need the 24 hour notice in general. Mahalo.


  • +1-808-359-8676

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