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Mentoring Services

There are many paths home to the heart. 

I was blessed to receive teaching from a dear lady whom my Mother introduced me to. I studied and worked with Medina for ten intensive years. I would love to impart what I learned together with my experiences to you as Medina taught myself along with others, how to unravel the SOUL by way of understanding the Cosmic story. The Cosmic story is our story - it is one and the same.

Nuances are felt within my field that are actually your nuances of where and how you may be misguided or shown a path that only sabotages, undermines and leads you where you do not truly wish to move through. I am enabled with the help of Source and prayer, to remove the glitches, the layers of entrapments laid down over aeons of time.

Working as a Soul Whisperer or Soul Midwife of sorts, I am endowed to feel where you may move out of your integrity and what exactly is it that stands in the way of your congruence. 

I literally experience 'your stuff that goes on for you'. I move through swiftly to clear out layers of unfinished business, or trapped energy that can entrap a soul from multiple lifetimes with one or more embedded issue/s. 


I am graced with the commission to flush the issue out and then assist and build internal muscle that will constitute and uphold your renewed and freed up internal posture.
There is a graceful majesty that takes over and I am guided by Source to bring you through gateways that can feel mysterious and disorientating, however once through the passage, clarity and a steadfastness is gained, instilling a sense of renewed assurance that All is Well. 

Initially after the healing, there is an internal weakness, an impoverished aspect of the self that is left, fleeced by the energy that was cleared. I then instruct the client to build up  the necessary spiritual/mental/emotional muscle by way of constitutional intrinsic exercises that I give for homework. Thus emboldening the aspect of the client that is now vulnerable after the removel of the particular issue. 

Similar to working out physically at the gym for your physical body, it takes time, it takes discipline and commitment to the internal self, to evolve. It is all a process and it all takes time. 


Deep Honouring of the Self.

All along the way there is a process of dismantling and breaking down the old identity, as exhausted and impaired ways of being begin to fall away. There is a grieving process to move through as the parts of the ego withers and dies off, making space for the Phoenix to arise within you. This takes time and can require needed spiritual nourishment and rest.

We are given an internal navigation tool which I call, our Divine GPS system. It works perfectly when we connect to it, work it,  and use it. It is innate within us all. When we fall out of connection to Source within ourselves, we begin to separate out from life. We need now, more than ever, to return back into the heart to regain the internal posture of communion with Source back to Love in order to navigate life.


The intent is to come back home, no longer any separation, to exhaust all desires so that there is only one left, to merge with Source. 

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