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New Moon in Taurus May 2024 ~ Cultivate, Stabilize and Feel.

Updated: May 16

New Moon in Taurus May 2024 18 degrees at 8.22pm PDT

Pluto stations Retrograde insisting that we deal with our stuff!

Uranus, Jupiter Conjunction still in play and connected to this New Moon.

Mars & Venus in their respective ruling signs bringing an urgent potency like none other.

Saturn in Pisces involved in a YOD - Fate of Destiny/Hand of God - encouraging growth.

Chiron, Mercury and Eris standing strong in alignment to call out and voice for

all to be part of the whole.


Taurus. Solid Consolidation, Digesting Life
Taurus. Solid Consolidation, Digesting Life

Reeling from the intensity of April we are all now moving with the waves of change as a constant.

Incidentally, Taurus doesn't really like change too much.

May has kicked us off well with the two leaders of influence Venus and Mars changing signs, - Rulers of the Karmic Axis, Mars being the director of our Destiny - moving into their own signs of rulership. A potent and empowering urge to continue on with the push to stand in our 'I Am', together with a deeper, more authentic, courageous YOU pioneering your passions and desires. The yearning and aspirational YOU is and will still be, urged to claim greater and broader pastures within the onward thrust of the pursuit for our awakening and freedom.

On May 2nd Pluto turned Retrograde insisting for an introversion and consideration over the next 5 months to digest and assimilate all that has occurred since his entrance into Aquarius. How can you/we adjust review your soul direction so you can come on out with strength in mid October with purpose.

The New Moon on Tuesday evening (depending on where you live), is nestled within a string of Taurean influence, with Venus heralding her rule to utilize your magnetism to go for what are only your essential needs, what feeds your soul. The Uranus, Jupiter conjunction is beautifully part of this string of planets saluting and further acknowledging our need to trust our intuitive creativity, to think out of the box, to go with the eclectic ideations and simply 'go for it".

Taurus is about stabilization, to build a foundation, to dig within to use the resources that lay nestled within you

What are your priorities? What do you value? How can you build a deeper, more sustainable financial security?

Ceres is square the Nodes of Fate and will be all year. She directs Mercury now exactly sitting with Chiron to stand up and shout, fight for and speak your truth. Eris too, - Goddess of discord and chaos -is very close by, is not willing to allow anyone to be left out. We see this now in the students across the USA and globally too with the protests. Ceres will continue yet she also calls for a practical and responsible focus to look after and care for Mother earth. Hence the climate change, coastal flooding agendas etc

Saturn in Pisces marches ever onwards with the ever constant stimulus to dissolve, to let go of old past constructs so as to apply renewable spiritual quantum posturing to uphold these new creations. Closely assisting the new intentional push to break free from the past ways ~ The ongoing let go of people pleasing and playing it cool to keep the peace. (South Node in Libra ruled by Venus).

This is the message of the Yod. The way out is to get on with You and what you are pioneering and fighting for - even if it is just seemingly a small thing. It doesn't have to be speaking out there

to the many, or leading a renewable energy company!

It's all about the New YOU.

Looking towards the broader picture as a whole over the next years, there will be more and more dissolution as Saturn gains his final approach to Neptune - ruler of Pisces - further impressing the charge to let go. A Balsamic Phase is about completion , culmination and so a surrender to Source directive impulse is felt here.

May of 2025 and Feb of 2026 will be a whole new chapter of these two big boys as to where our evolution ignites into. Both planets who are indeed, heavy hitters, as to just where the directives are headed, will move into Aries to impose a whole new synod of spiritual direction.

We are literally on the leading edge.

Prepare now is the key phrase here, to surrender old identities, frivolous ego ways that have no further use, recognise where you are caught in past beliefs, narratives & constructs that are no longer relevant to now. Uphold what your soul is longing for and follow the intuitive path even if you know not where that leads and trust your still small voice. We are truly living in such enormous times and every month will bring more and more change.

Release from the beliefs and narratives that bind you
Let Go

Release your heels that may be dug in, those with fixed planets such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius know deep within what I speak of. Uphold and honour your resiliency, and let go of any underestimation of yourself and what you possibly could accomplish. You will surprise yourself as you let go of the undervaluing habits as your deeper internal self begins to come on out.

Give yourself that chance.

Revel in the energies that move through you
Open and Allow

Remember ~ we each affect each other. As you heal we all heal. If I don't do the internal work, then I keep others from their freedom. Lets all dive in and do the internal work required. At this point it is all about letting go and surrendering rather than processing anything.

There is no time left for that!


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