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Oh that Mercury Trickster ... Mercury retrograde April 1st 2024

Updated: May 12

I couldn't hold back from posting an extra blog newsletter this week as there is just so much happening.

Mercury will be the first planet of the year to turn retrograde after a blistering run with all planets direct until April 1st 2024 when Mercury turns retrograde at the end of Aries. Taking us back into the review and redo mode, you know how it goes by now, he has a check in with Chiron three times, insisting we recalibrate and evaluate just how we are going to pioneer internally within ourselves and therefore externally into the world courageously. He will also check in with Venus for a brief communion.

The goddess of Love and Relationships and the Ruler of the South Node - how have we been communicating in all our relationships?

Have we owned our power and not given ourselves away in the process by being overly generous?

Right on the heels of Hermes moving into his introspective mode, we will all experience

The TOTAL New Moon Eclipse in Aries @19 degrees ~ also a SUPER Moon. There will be a 4 .5 minute reboot/switch it off time. Make the most of these moments, set the New You in the direction that is your true north.

April is resonating too, with the waxing conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus that will be exact 18th -22nd April. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus, has not happened since WW2.

There is a stellium of rippling Aries energy with Hygeia, Venus, The North Node of Fate, the Moon, Sun, Chiron, Eris and Mercury. Thats seven bodies together with the Node of collective directional pointing.

The Eclipse will sweep across the west from Texas upwards north easterly exiting from Maine into New Foundland in Canada.


Mercury retrograde April 1st 2024

The Trickster, Mercury.

We are being impulsed extraOrdinarily to begin, to have courage to initiate, to be confident to be the warrior for what you may now launch into. What have you been dreaming in these past many preparatory months?

Mercury Retrograde is tightly conjunct Eris the Goddess of discord and chaos, by 3 minutes, demanding that all are embraced in the revolution of inclusion. Pluto is in a wide square to Mercury Retrograde implying there will be some information revealed once he is direct more likely in May.

Chiron is exact to the minute with the SUN Moon heralding a global healing of the split to the wounded Masculine within all of us on the planet. With Mercury in Aries there will be some heated words spoken 'out there' so be mindful as you go.

Venus - ruler of the Node of our collective past - sits next to Hygeia, calling for healing at the core of being so that the serpent power of the feminine may rise within. They both sit opposite Black Moon Lilith holding court in the relationship sign of Libra assisting in the purification process of any distortions, assisting to crack open any old karmic relational bedrock.

Concurrently happening with this 'off the charts' Eclipse is that Ceres the goddess of nurturance, mothering and sustenance sits tightly next to Chariklo, wife of Chiron. Chariklo holds a tremendous strength together with a sacred silence that resonates deep into the body. Reach for her, breathe her into your being, woven with Ceres's encouragement for self nurturance and protection.

Mercury retrograde April 1st 2024

It is a time to become very clear regards what do you want and how will you move forward. Creativity is building together with all manner of ideations and innovations flowing through later in the month.

Mercury retrograde April 1st 2024

Go well my friends, meanwhile have a special easter weekend

renewing your hearts call,



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