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There's lots of rainbows up ahead. New Moon In Capricorn 2024

Updated: May 12

New Moon In Capricorn 2024

New Moon In Capricorn 2024 @20 degrees 3.57am January 11th PST

Mercury moves into Capricorn Jan 13th

Sun is conjunct, sits with, Pluto just hours prior to Pluto ingressing into Aquarius January 20th @4.50pm PST shining the spotlight on Pluto's moment.


~ Here we are in 2024 ~

Even though we may feel somewhat battle weary post 2023, the planets are instilling us with rejuvenating energies. We are in the Balsamic Moon phase - an opportune time to surrender and turn inward, let go and retreat - now 3 days prior to the New Moon in Capricorn @20degrees on January 11th. Yes Capricorn - we are still in it - and we have a last chance to truly and finally cull and let go of 'the past' ways, wounds, trauma's, beliefs, habits, routines, ways of being that keep us contracted, held back, afraid, dutiful, overly controlling or responsible and overly wary of the should's and shouldn't's of society. Cutting to the core of it, this particular New Moon is exactly square the Nodes of Fate, alerting us of a serious (capricorn) ChoicePoint that we are at now - right before Pluto moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius on the 20th. Phew - yes, we are in momentous times

Ultimately, in one broad stroke, we are being asked to heal our wounded masculine and to bring our feminine together with the masculine back into oneness within our very selves. The time of being reactionary, living in fear, or not being good enough is over. The Karmic North Node of Fate is directing such, and Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries no less, is now already close enough to the ultimate conjunction in February, sounding the clarion call to take heed and get down to it.<-

Get down to what, you may ask, or want me to say it another way - to own your individuality, to stand up finally and come on out and simply express your heart, to own your sovereignty, be the warrior for what you believe in and move forward with it

Chiron also asks ~ *Where have we numbed out or buried any old anger, ending up in a loss of confidence to stand up, or, how and where do we still please others just to keep peace and balance or simply play nice nice to fit in?*

I have not mentioned as yet ~ the USA will have its Chiron Return building now to exactitude by mid April, Nov 5th!!, and again in mid February of 2025. Generally a years passage, of the country retrieving its' individual sovereignty, standing up for what its' soul purpose is. With the country's Sun in Cancer its soul purpose is about caring for others, seeking justice and shining with its sense of responsibility to liberty for everyone. Hello.

This year of 2024 will be unlike any other and we are already moving in great strides towards the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius. We experienced a taster at the latter part of March until early June last year, and we are about to launch into 8 months straight before we get the last 2.5 month finality of Pluto in Capricorn September 1st until Nov 19th just in time to put extra pressure on the run up to the elections in the US. Remember the 29th degree will play out the extremities of that archetype = Capricorn. Control issues in all institutions, old traditional rules, the patriarchy etc.

We move towards the Full Moon on the 25th in Leo, with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, moving direct the very next day. We are in a Big Month and in a Big Year. In fact each and every month this year is Big. Remember to breathe and connect to the earth grounding your energy as there will be a lot of it 'out there'.

Be vigilant with your practices so that you can connect within and know thyself well

Go well dear ones, Go well


New Moon In Capricorn 2024

We are being held and watched. Your Guides and Angels are there, you have only to ask for the assistance and help. We chose to be here for these times and we have everything within us that we will ever need.

If any of you need a coaching call, need a few tips, would like a healing or a reading, please know I am available.

Do yourself a favour to know just where /what arena of your life is Pluto in and what else is he tickling or urging of you. Where do you need to make changes with Uranus prompting his awakening energies upon you - what arena of your life requires these changes.

Don't wait for the two by four over the head as I assure you that is not fun.



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