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Full Moon in Sagittarius May 23rd 2024

Updated: Jun 2

Full Moon in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in Taurus@29 degrees 6.53am May 23rd 2024 PDT

Uranus Jupiter Conjunction still in play. New Phase, sits next to ruler of Taurus, Venus @29 degrees.

Moon trine Neptune, Neptune assists Uranus/Jupiter/Venus in Taurus. Super Fantastic.

Pluto trine the Sun and Sedna - full support is available to transform


Full Moon in Sagittarius 2024
The Archer. Full Moon in Sagittarius 2024

'What are you shooting for? What is your focus?

What new idea or project is cooking within you?'

There is phenomenal support and backing available with the line up within this Full Moon. The Wesak Buddha Moon of wisdom and mind ushers us along into the activity of will, infused with purpose. Two days later we are launched by this Moon's ruler, Jupiter, with an expansion from the Sky God, Zeus no less, moving into the versatile and open minded archetype of resourceful Gemini.

First up, Pluto is offering a beautiful trine to the Sun, and Sedna - She is an important Inuit, Arctic Goddess who up's the ante in this pairing, spotlighting the ongoing push over the next few years, for the transformation that is inevitable, of sharing your dreams, to keep the imagining's going, whilst colloborating with others, in a soulful & dynamic way.  She is close to earth now after being out there on her 12,869 year orbit, returning with important advice and information. Her message is to relinquish any old past ways as to how we control ourselves, or, fears that block our way forward,

are up for transmutation.

These two Transformers are given the Grace of being doubled up by the Sun's Solar Full Moon light ~ instilling huge, powerful and potent support for what 'ere you may be bringing into form.

Of substantial note - the Sun has been firing off some major outstanding Solar Flares making a distinct expression of our galactic circumstances, upgrading our electro-magnetic bodies with the frequencies that have been continual over the last few weeks, providing exquisite, visual beauty.

This will be ongoing as we are in the upswing of the Solar Maximum we are currently in,

through next July 2025.

Sedna, Inuit Arctic Goddess bringing information to Gaia
Sedna sits next to the Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2024

The planet Saturn provides a marvellous bridge of substantial support to the slew of all four planets in Taurus, to assist with the build of the creative, ever expanding ideations that have been cooking since April 20th when the two planets Uranus and Jupiter came together to birth anew, - opportunities/new projects/visions for us as a Collective for the next 13 years.

Venus further implores and exudes the beauty factor, encouraging us to revel in what we love, to go for the money to be made, whilst digging deep into the senses within the body to feel what is birthing inside.

Mercury who has recently joined the Taurus harmonic, after a long rethink in Aries of just over 2 months, is cooling his jets and slowing down, so that we ground in, to feel more deeply

so as to make choices in a practical manner.

We have a fabulous signature of Venus, the Goddess of Love, sitting supremely next to Jupiter in a New Phase - Ready to begin new relationships in multiple, yet to be discovered, expressions too,

with the recent revelatory, signature of bounteous, creative ideas completely lit up by the

Sun in Gemini. - ( btw - the Sun is always opposite the Moon when it is Full).

On May 25th, to add to the dynamism of the year, Jupiter moves into Gemini for the next year. The Great Chronocrators, Pluto & Jupiter both moving from respectively,

the Earthy Capricorn & Taurus into the Airy Aquarius & Gemini.

Jupiter in Gemini & Pluto in Aquarius, engenders a very futuristic, creative field, all about freedom - Jupiter, the planet of mission, purpose and expansion, travel, high aspirations and truth, moves out of Taurus into Gemini. We are in for a fast paced full year of fresh, invigorating energy, lively curiosity, tall tales, expansiveness as to how we communicate, ideas of all kinds and hopefully, clearer directives for more truth in the world. Communications will be at warp speed.

The truth banner will be flying high with an aspiring and inspiring, spiritual focus. Spiritual concepts and a push for freedom too, will become the main agenda with a knowing quality.

Haumea, (mother of Pele), the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility sits at 2 degrees Scorpio, dynamically squaring Pluto - She impels us all to get creative, to maximize on all the ideas streaming through and give birth the innovations so needed for the planets' survival. To birth our very selves. She is generative with her magical, creative, transformative force field, who summons fish from the sea and wild food from the land in myth.

With four planets in Taurus this Full Moon cycle we are being asked to make manifest and bring our creative juicy ideas into substantial form.

Haumea square Pluto. Push for birthing new creations
Haumea, Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility impacting the Full Moon in Sagittarius 2024.

Not to leave Neptune out as we simply can't, especially as he resonates now at the very last degree of the zodiac @29 degrees of Pisces - he impresses upon us what is no longer real or

indeed was never real at all. Indeed we are finishing and completing much.

The call for surrender & Letting Go by Neptune continues on for the next many moons until February of 2026 in fact - which is actually fast approaching - where Neptune will enter into 00 degrees of Aries. A world axis degree where the entire globe is affected.

Neptune and Saturn will birth anew and herald a whole new epoch for Humanity with the pervasive infusion by Neptune to build into form a unique spiritual structure

not yet seen on this earth plane.

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Breathing In & Out the Full Moon in Sagittarius. May 2024


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Do contact me if you are interested.

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2024
Astrology Class

I'll check in with you all June 6th with the New Moon in Gemini.

Until then,

'A Hui Ho

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2024


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