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'UnWind the Soul' Healing - Zoom

On ZOOM - Long Distance

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 275 US dollars
  • UnWind the Soul ~ Home Office


I have come to know, having given thousands of healings, how to decode the language of light. Working with the many bodies & systems, for example, the Auric Field, the Etheric, Causal, Mental and Emotional Bodies. Utilising & tapping into the Akashic Records, your Guides and Angels, & the Higher Self & OverSoul. Streamlining Attunement and Alignment, Retrieval of Soul Fragmentation, Chakra Balancing & Polarity Work, DNA Activation, Shen, the list is endless. Exactly the same as a One on One Healing, but utilising Zoom. 1.5 Hours in duration. During the sessions, I create a ‘Sacred Space‘ initially. I use the Power of the Spoken Word, utilizing Prayer specifically, to achieve detailed results unique to each individuals’ needs, but also for Safety! We sit in comfortable armchairs opposite each other on our computer screens. The Healing begins with my ability to see, feel & hear with searing clear psychic vision, what Love needs you to surrender or let go of. There may also be initiation, activation, recalibration and attunement that may be required as well, or ‘what is next’ for the client. I often call this healing 'the Ultimate Soul Detox' as much can be cleared out and realigned. For some, absolute Grace occurs after much suffering. Each individual is unique and so the Healings are different. I work with the Highest Frequencies of Love & with the Lords’ & Masters’ of the Highest degree. With access to the Akashic Records, the Bardo Realms and the many planes & dimensions & galaxies, therefore, allows a seamless, clear & thorough Healing. I have created a 'Series of 3' UWS Healing category as it is usually needed for almost everyone. (pls check for this category if you desire this one). ** Disclaimer' for all Readings & Healings "I will do my best to provide insight and support through the Astrology Reading and/or UWS Healing time together, but always, you are in the driver’s seat. You are entirely responsible for your own choices. My insights, opinions, or advice are not meant to sway or override your own judgement, wisdom, or intuition. You remain solely responsible for any application of the information we have discussed, for your action or non-action, and the consequences that may occur." ~ Juliet Butters Doty


To cancel or reschedule please contact me 24 hours prior. Extreme circumstances are taken into consideration of course, but I do need the 24 hour notice in general. Mahalo.


  • +1-808-359-8676

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