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Only your essence is left to take into 2024 and that is all you will need. Winter Solstice

Updated: May 12

Winter Solstice


I wish for you all a peaceful filled Christmas and a contented heart.


Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere Zero degrees of Capricorn Dec 21st @7.27pm PST

Christmas Full Moon in Cancer December 26th @4.33 PST

Jupiter Stations Direct December 30th @6 degrees Taurus

Mercury Stations Direct January 1st 2024 @22 degrees Sagittarius, we are with trickster energy therefore.

Chiron - representing our collective and individual wound - slows to station Direct Jan 6th - collectively he asks us all to let go of victimization - no longer willing to be taken for a ride or to be bamboozled.


Destabilisation and dissolution of internal and external constructs continue even as we are being asked to develop more faith and trust. Trust in ourselves more likely, as what's out there is too much to take these days.

The Solstice energies will echo out into the next months with the sounding frequency / tuning fork to reflect as what to adjust, to change, redirect, ponder your beliefs and therefore some of your choices. There is a clarion call to harness into renewed and simplified beliefs, how can we become more resourceful in order to anchor and bring into form together with expansive, valuable, wildly innovative necessary change with a sense of responsibility. Quite the mouthful. We need to dive deep in order to consider these things as 2024 will indeed be fast, downright dramatic and more demanding of us all to step into our power as sovereign beings who create their intentional reality from the first moment of the incoming year.<-

What is of the deepest value to you in your life?

The Cancer Full Moon shines brightly on Dec 26th, beckoning all things benevolent, sensitive and watery to be woven into forming the new earth. It is a very nourishing and caring moon in rulership of cancer, and the kindness and more tender considerations will assist us to move forward into the rigours of 2024, yet to come. There is great support to shine our light, bring into form, dream with expansive faith that which is being birthed through us. We are being asked to consider broader more sustainable truths, to keep things simple as we expand our grasp in an intuitive sense on all that we do now.

Instead of imposing ourselves out into the world how can we relinquish our egos and act on behalf of all as we make the changes needed? The Sun is shining the light on this imperative, this Christmas Moon. A needed refinement, however serious, is being called for.

To me it feels like the great year of transitional change is finally here. Yes, there will be chaos and upheaval, dramatic and geomagnetic shifts and events, but there will be tremendous advancements and innovations that will enhance the world. Focus on these things, not on what is not working, doing so just bogs one down and impedes progress. 2024 is the year to go for it. Don't wait, there will be juice behind all efforts. The first four months will be an all out, go for it, fast ride.accelerating onwards to September. Each month has its action and push.

This will indeed be your year, give it all you've got as the children depend on us to do so.


Winter Solstice

~ and finally, Thank you for your staying with me through this year. I appreciate your readership. I email these bi-monthly blog's out with a heartfelt desire to assist my clients - be they from my home sanctuary or from the Grand Wailea or the Four Seasons on Maui.

May we all relish the gifts of the coming year however they are served up. Remember we are moving onwards in our evolvement and that is an imperative now.

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