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Huge shifts, Breathtaking Transitions, Liberating Lifts with this Super NEW Moon in Aquarius

Updated: May 12

Super NEW Moon in Aquarius @ 2.59pm PST.

Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 begins with this New Moon

Chiron and the North Node of fate are less than one degree together. We are all meant to pioneer and heal our wounded masculine within, to stand up to be warriors on behalf of life itself.

Chariklo, wife of Chiron, stands with the Aquarius stellium holding quiet, but enduring strength, for us all so that we may connect and use the Uranian energetic magnetism to find solace in the heart.


Super NEW Moon in Aquarius

Visionary Dreamer - by Signum Noir

We are an ancient sort of resilient.

Made for the falling and the rising.

Made for the burning down and rebuilding from the ashes.

Made for the holy wonder of beginning again.

~ Jeanette le Blanc ~

One can not longer deny the dynamics of Aquarius and Uranus and the abrupt and shocking ways that change can occur in our lives. In less than a month, nineteen days to be exact, Pluto has been in the sign of Aquarius and SO much has happened at lightening speed in some cases, blink and you'll miss it - you know what I am talking about. Change is here and will continue as we move through the months of 2024. Expect the unexpected, yet if you are open and aware the most wonderful

unexpected paths will emerge.

The Super NEW Moon in Aquarius @20degrees is a lightening bolt of new beginnings if ever there was.

It is a New Moon on steroids.

The first New Moon after Pluto's entrance into the water bearer, the sign of freedom and creativity, liberation and awakening - if there was ever a time to set new intentions, it would be now. We are called to task literally, by the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, as he squares off to the New Moon and Sun - heralding revolutionary change, shifts in consciousness, together with a call to propel ourselves into the future, to reach for our resourceful selves to blossom and prosper.


The two rulers of the Karmic Axis, Mars and Venus, the 'relationship' personal planets, are both squaring the Nodes suggesting we complete and finally take full responsibility for our part in all relationships so that we rise into our sovereignty, pioneering our souls. Uranus asks that our old ways and habits be surrendered into the earth, to recycle where we 'people please', accomodate others just to be nice, you know where and how you do this - release and let go finally so that your authentic self may rise in totality.

Pluto imposes on us all to rise up and claim our souls' purpose, there is a pressure to do so as the moon draws nigh and afterwards too.

We are completing and beginning cycles regarding our souls' purpose and our relationship to it.

Father Neptune encourages Ceres to stand in a responsible posture to nourish ourselves and the earth, never forgetting our spiritual roots back to the Divine.

Walk away from the drama's, become more objective, allow your creativity to flow, search out the new and exciting and value what is precious to you.

Super NEW Moon in Aquarius

A fellow practitioner of Soul Mastery, Chinnamasta, from,

wrote of precious advise she gave to to her client ~

~ Precious words indeed.

Be brave now, stand tall within yourself

Relax and let life flow through you

Neither resisting nor aggravating

Let Love take care of you


Only follow that which is naturally arising

That's where you'll find the potency, as it is karmically meant to unfold

Once you stop growing and loose your creative spark its time to move on

Accept loss, once you do, new growth will present itself


Encourage yourself to keep finding new ways

Listen to joy filling your heart, as you embark on a new life chapter

Let it guide you to the place where you belong


Explore that which you don't know yet

Both in the world and in your spiritual heart

Devotion to life is both the healer and the guide


Announcing a monthly Meet Up to Talk Story along the lines of Astrology but also of spiritual awakenings, musings, channelings and knowings.


For a quick read of my take on the astrology for 2024 here is the link .

Super NEW Moon in Aquarius


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