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Digging into your Authentic Self 'Super' NEW Moon 2024

Updated: May 12

Retrieve your Power

'Super' NEW Moon 2024

'Super' NEW Moon 2024 ~ March 10th 1am PST - affects the magnetic fields of the earth.

DayLight Savings begins in USA - clocks move forward an hour - but not for Hawaii.

Spring ARIES EQUINOX ~ March 19th 8.07pm PDT


We stand now in the midst of extraOrdinary, evolutionary, transformational times, where our choices truly make a difference. We are on a precipice to the unknown even as much dissolves around us, behind us, even in front of us for some. So much is dissolving.

Yes, we are navigating through Pisces territory.

Remember to have faith in the unknown, weave your unseen self into the very fabric of the quantum field. Breathe in and breathe out as parts of who we thought we were dissolve and then remember - a very Piscean word - to dive deeper into the self and discover more of your majesty.

Much is , the 'old' falling away, whilst the new seed reaches for the light within. Remember that so much occurs underground out of sight before new life sprouts above ground into the light of day. Walk with nature, go bare foot and feel the magnetics of the earth. Lie down and soak it up, dive into the ocean, breathe the air in a moment to moment manner, appreciating the very miracle of life that is You.

Move out of your mind and merge deeply into your heart.

Solace, comfort and nurturance will not necessarily be found on the outside too much, it is a time for the depth dive of compassionate surrender to retrieve the greater whole of yourself.

There is a certain Soul responsibility being asked of us by Saturn sitting very close to this New Moon ~ we chose to be here now ~ to create the necessary new structure or habits, assisted by your dreams, goals, aspirations and purpose to move forward changing things up, radically for some. Get forward and futuristic with your thinking as your feel your way forward. The energies will increase with this agenda and much will flow through. Be ready. For now is the dreaming time, allowing the umpteen ideas to percolate and sit, allowing your greater higher self to feel and know what to choose.

Spirit does not work on 3D schedules of demand and end points, the Mystery has its own timing and right now it is surrender, let go and feel. Not too much doing to be done - YET.

There will be plenty to DO very soon.

MANWE the god in ancient times who created the many worlds, represented by and located in the Kuiper Belt, sits at 2 degree of Aries. Lord of air, wind and clouds. We are in an extraOrdinary time of re Genesis. Creation happens by way of dreaming it in. Trust (Pisces word), yourselves with your visions and dreams, have the faith (Pisces), to wait until you Feel it is right to move forward - ASK for the assistance from upstairs.

HAUMEA, the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and creation, Mother of Pele, amongst other Hawaiian gods and goddesses, sits at almost 2 degrees of Scorpio calling for a letting go to adjust to Divine Will so that fertility can take place within. Fully and strongly supported by the Modern ruler of Pisces Neptune - who sits closely to the Aries SUN, emanating a strong harmonic of spirit and the higher eschalons to be woven into all that we be, do and feel.

CERES, the Earth goddess mother of Persephone, squares the karmic access calling for our sold grounded attention to all matters concerning earth our home. Agriculture and Food source, climate change - there is much to unpack here, yet She calls us to embody and remember so that we can all step into our authority and walk forward in confidence, warrior style.

'Super' NEW Moon 2024

Ceres with cereals, a late 18th century work by Dominik Auliczek

SEDNA is in a permanent Trine for the next couple of years ~ she has an 11,500 year orbit and is closest to the earth now, bringing her message of dissolution back into the quantum field, to surrender control and our old ways - she offers assistance with Transformation that is inevitable bringing the qualities to let go and surrender. As humans we are in the middle of being initiated into the depths of our god and goddess selves. The abyss looms with all the pIscean energies and so welcome them and discover the greater part of you.

ERIS too is still with us, she reveals what it is to be nature becoming aware of itself. She is the goddess of chaos and discord yet it is in the chaos that new beginnings can be found.

Eris reminds us to become part of, to rebel if you are not, to awaken into joining the greatest show on earth, this majestic splendour called our Life.

'Super' NEW Moon 2024

Keep it simple during these days, find your quiet time, step back, breathe and be ready for the jump start at Equinox time and into Eclipse season.

Relish in all things Piscean.

'Super' NEW Moon 2024

'Super' NEW Moon 2024

I am available to assist with the letting go ...

Also I Am available with an EA Astrology Reading to help you understand just where in your life you are being prodded or pushed by Pluto or Uranus, and/or where will the eclipses fall in your chart/your life


David Manning, a visionary and healer who works with multidimensional energies, recently described how we are ~

“…witnessing the death of the old world… there is now a fast flowing river of dismantling… this fast flowing river will act to pull down structures that have been around in our life and in our world for a long, long time and they are going to collapse quickly… the emphasis here is to witness this and not be a part of it, to step back, to really step back and allow the collapse of the old world to happen… it’s what we have incarnated for… You can use the fast flowing river to empty out anything that is holding you to the old world, any wounding, any beliefs systems, offer them to this fast flowing river because it’s moving very quickly… The dismantling of structures is going to take a while, but we will notice the shifting patterns, the shifting tides of energy, and the shift in frequency will be really, really evident by the end of this year... be in witness mode and focus on the birth of the new that is happening every second of every day…” (watch his insightful 8 minute video on The Death of the Old World

Click this link below if you would like to listen to his whole video - 8 minutes or so.



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