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Summer Solstice 2024 & Capricorn Full Moon the next day

Updated: Jun 30

Full Moon in Capricorn & the Summer Solstice 2024
Summer Solstice 2024

Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice June 20th 2024 @1.51pm PDT - Yang to Yin

Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice - Yin to Yang

Full Moon in Capricorn 01 degrees June 21st @6.08pm PDT - promoting a karmic purge,

finishing up a 165 year cycle.

Mercury enters Cancer June 17th - be sure to feel it beforehand - feel first before deciding to 'do it'.

Saturn stations Retrograde June 29th - Reality check point. Course corrections.

Neptune stations Retrograde July 2nd - much is dissolving.

Pluto trines Jupiter - fabulous fuel for future visions and expansive focus.

Uranus trine Pluto - Incredible creative juice until 2029.


Powerful times indeed as we mark time with this Summer Solstice.

 The paramount guide of the Solstice is​ the Sun - This Solstice the Sun is being communicated to keenly by Neptune​ in a square,​ making his harmonic of dissolution known. He stands at the very ​last degree of Pisces, ​as he ​prepares to turn retrograde on July 2nd​. As he does so, Neptune radiates his far reaching intent, directly communicating to the 0 degree Cancer SUN - both sitting on the ​powerful World Axis degrees no less. (World Axis degrees are ​cardinal & initiatory ​- effecting the Collective).​

The finale of Neptune in Pisces therefore, has some might to it. The intent is in no uncertain terms, to ​have us all surrender, to dissolve, to turn our eyes and ears to the heavens, or better yet ​turn within. ​

We are being directed​ to listen to the still small voice, to feel the nuances of Source, so that we all may navigate these uncharted seas that seem​ to increasingly serve up ​momentous waves of change​ on a daily basis. 


In order to emphasize a significant ​broadcast, Neptune has been in a square aspect ​impulsing us to go with the energy directed (and will be for the next 2-3 years​ ​btw), with the Galactic Center​. ​

The GC is a massive Black Hole that channels energies to us from the Milky Way, ​constantly sending incredible insights​ and wisdom, as we conclude a 165-year ​Neptunian cycle. ​He impresses upon us to let go of any outdated oppressive systems​ - for they are currently crumbling, leading to the dissolution of long-standing narratives that span multiple timelines, further eroding any divisions that have kept us polarized.​ 


At the same time, Ceres, known as the Earth Mother, reaches out to Neptune, expressing her urgent need for nurturing care in her current dire circumstances. Where can you join in to nurture your part of the earth, thereby taking responsibility too?'


 Next, we have Chiron, often referred to as the wounded healer​. He ​is inspir​ing ​us to find ​our voice ​to express ​your ​vision to the broader community, fostering connections.


Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon in Capricorn, s the planet associated with time, responsibility, structure, and control ​and, as the ruler of Capricorn, is set to begin its retrograde motion on June 29th. The influence of Saturn will be strongly felt​ from now on, signaling a period to take a step back, reassess reality, and proceed mindfully.​ 

In the sign of Pisces, Saturn punctuates the importance of spiritual development​, creating the necessary framework to strive towards higher objectives and mission​s. ​The impulse encourag​es us​, to also reflect on our obligations to our genuine emotional authenticity.


The Nodes of Fate ask a crucial question:

what holds the greatest importance in our lives, what do we Care about,

guiding us towards the next stage of our collective growth?

What structure remain, may crumble
Full Moon in Capricorn June 21st 2024

We are being asked with the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn ,

to look starkly at what is real and what is not.

(next one 21st of July).

Where have we dulled our senses to the chaos around us,

potentially overlooking significant events?

We all have to take into account that Pluto is headed back into Capricorn for 2.5 months September 1st-Nov19th

The cosmic realm prompts us to ponder deeply in the coming months. It will be another 248 years

before we witness Pluto in Capricorn again during our lifetime.

Under this Capricorn Moon's influence, we are urged to reflect on what outdated elements from the past do we still hold onto, what deeply rooted traditions do we need to let go of, and what values must we prioritize and uphold - such as morality, accountability, self-control, justice, honesty, and prudence - all qualities associated with Capricorn. It is a time for us to reassess and make conscious choices.

So much break down is occurring and will occur as we shape the new future for our children.

We are learning to embrace and flow with change.

Pluto is working well with Jupiter until mid July, to fuel success, expansion, understanding, together with inspirational, generous and benevolent, higher mind vision.

The beginnings of Uranus trining Pluto, the ruler of Aquarius, will also be of incredible assistance from now until 2029, heralding progressive, humanitarian, pioneering reforms, probably unconventional, definitely futuristic and non conformist and very inventive. Remember. Uranus is the Revolutionary Game Changer and we are and will witness much for many years to come.

Summer Solstice 2024 & Full Moon in Capricorn
Solar Logos, Summer Solstice

The combination of both the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon in Capricorn within 24 hours of each other, creates a potent period of at least two weeks either side of the 24 hour period. The continuous flow of these energies is remarkable.

In previous newsletters, I have highlighted the significant emanations from the earth

during the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Rory Duff, an expert on the geophysics of earth frequencies from the UK, has noted that the emanations from the earth, which were once present years back for two days either side of these seasonal markers, are now projected to last for 200 years by the end of this year.

Rory Duff can be found at

Quite exceptional indeed.


Enjoy your summer, the supreme beauty of this earth

together with the joy of friendships and loving gatherings.

The next update will be the NEW Moon on July 5th in Cancer

Until then, tread gently,

A Hui Ho'

Summer Solstice 2024 Healing
UnWind the Soul Healing


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