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What are you shooting for and what is it to be human? New Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: May 12

New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius December 12th at 20 degrees @3.32pm PST Mercury Retrograde December 12th Capricorn / Sagittarius @11.09pm PST

Mercury Retrograde closely in front of the Sun @ Solstice time

Pluto no longer square the Karmic Nodes of Fate

Integrating an incredible few months and resting where we can.


I am freshly returned with some needed time out, walking my dog on the north shore of Maui. How blessed I am to have Mother Nature at her finest, every day. I feel recharged, invigorated and ready for the next.

I have been writing for many moons now about our future trajectory as a collective, the importance of letting go, to surrender, together with anchoring into your connection to Source. We are merely four weeks away from a tremendously fast 2024 that will get up and go at a very dizzying pace with Jupiter having turned direct Dec 30th followed swiftly by Mercury on the 1st January.

For sure, by the end of the January most people will be convinced about planetary influences with Pluto stepping into Aquarius for quite a long stint (until early September) and then its ruler, Uranus, stationing direct on the 27th January. We will all feel this shift. All planets will be direct as we approach the New Moon in Aquarius and the year of the Wood Dragon by February 9th.

I have launched into the coming years energies as our time in the present right now coming up to the New Moon in Sagittarius is so important and far reaching. There is a clarion call occurring about purpose and goals, "what do we want" screams loudly now as this New Moon with Mercury turning retrograde hours afterwards is a decisive period. The Mercury sitting right in front of the Sun @ Solstice time is asking us to continue our review yet simultaneously bring into form, anchoring in new ways as to how we can shine our light into the world. ~ All occurring with the ramp up to Christmas ~ but truly what is Christmas about? It has strayed far from the truth of the matter finding ourselves launched en masse into a chaotic, spending spree of ridiculous proportions leaving some empty and barren of the true anchoring connection that Christ-mas represents if one becomes lost in the unreality of it all.

Our time this season would be well spent pondering what is true now, what calls our hearts, what decisions do we need to reassess. Sagittarius is a sign about synthesis, of orientation to a lofty goal toggled with Mercury retrograde and with Sagittarius's ruler, still retrograde, we are being asked to "tweak the compass", what is your aspired orientation? Just where are you headed and do you need to reassess your intented target?

During a retrograde of any planet, the planet itself does not actually move backwards, it appears to, and so therefore we perceive it to move backwards as it travels around the back of the Sun, out of our view, confusion and muddling sets in. It is a time to reassess, to review, retool, turn inwards. There is an opportunity for turning obstacles and hoop jumping into growth periods, emboldening our evolution as the inward time is honoured. In total, with Mercury and its' retrogrades three, up to four times per year, including shadow periods, the period of time in reflection is six months of the year! See diagram below.

Make good use of this month that has a reputation for partying and merriment, perhaps turning inward to party down with your internal world, discovering just how much internal help you do have, in the plasma that we don't see, yet is all around us within us, supporting our interrelatedness to everything. Indeed we are fast approaching a new world that will have everything available including all the information we will ever need ~ not on the outside in AI ~ but within our very selves as we all are being given an opportunity of enormous proportions to become the Homo Christos that was promised so very long ago. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

As we close out a very stress full, event full year, remember to vision and set into motion your heart felt desires for what will fulfil your soul and why you came to this earth.

We will have the Solstice on the 21st December with the Sun moving into Capricorn at 7.27pm PDT followed by the Full Moon In Capricorn on the 26th December

Certainly, I will extrapolate and get into the Solstice and Full Moon as we get there. Meanwhile, enjoy these extraOrdinary weeks of this festive heartfelt month.


New Moon in Sagittarius


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