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New Moon in Gemini June 6th 2024

Updated: 7 days ago

A time to create, to embrace the frisky pace, the flirty-ness and the innovative

~ and talk about it. Share it.

Pluto in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Gemini strong expansive Air = curiosity, communications,

social media and more.

New Moon in Gemini @16 degrees on June 6th @ 5.38am PDT

in a strong proximity to Jupiter and Mercury.

Recent Eris conjunct Mars insisting on inclusivity for all.

Gemini Moon & Sun in an easy flow to the Karmic Axis ~ Encouragement is available.

Saturn in Pisces squares this New Moon insisting on a mature and responsible approach.

Uranus in Taurus stands opposite Pallas Athena in Scorpio - Goddess of Wisdom & Justice.


New Moon in Gemini June 6th 2024
photo: Ted Chin

The New Moon calls for a commandeering of Duality in order to poise the curious mind and run with the Gemini energies moving swiftly now, enveloped in spontaneity, versatility, diversification with this New Moon. Be open to multiplicity flowing as a constant, so as to couple with the extraOrdinary creativity available. The energy is Yang, it is with a push to get out there and take action.

We are bounding forever onwards into the future now.

How things were done, will no longer be applicable in the current fast, furious, and competitive race for the cutting edge, occurring right now. The past ways, traditions and constructs of society are breaking down in front of our eyes, whilst new frontiers are being shaped.

**Coming off the Eris conjunct Mars meeting, we are assessing too, whether we are being inclusive and solution orientated in all that we do. Remember, Eris was not invited to the wedding and she does not like being left out!

It is assuredly a time, to embrace the quickening, the ever changing push for upgrades, innovations in all things tech so as to keep up. Doors will close behind regardless of your choices as time marches on, for indeed the past (Saturn), crumbles away in each moment.

For those who have brushed aside the need for computers, cell phones, techy apps, well .. it's time you accepted the modernisation of where we are already at, as there is far more to come. Don't get left behind as the know how, will be needed in order to cope with this ever changing, striving world for more. There is a race occurring to be the first, to stay ahead, to keep up ~ join it as there is excitement in the experience for everyone, regardless of your take on AI.

The light of the New Moon is also imprinted with the recent Venus Star Point @ 14 degrees of Gemini, occurring just two days prior, heralding the importance of our relationship to our essential needs, to the resources available to you, together with how you get your message out to your part of the world. The Venus Star Point sets off a four to eight year cycle encompassing our desires, love and creativity.

She, our Goddess of Love, becomes invisible behind the Sun for the next 80 days.

Time to feel into your relationship to all that is occurring now.

What essentially applies to you and your desires, what feels right for you,

regardless whether it is so revolutionary that it scares you.

If it feels right, there is something there to pay attention to.

New Moon in Gemini June 6th 2024
Pallas Athene

Pallas Athene the Goddess of Wisdom and Justice, stands tightly opposite Uranus who demands change, insists on it in fact, with Pallas encouraging a ferocious expression of intelligence

with clear, objective logic.

She brings a purity; the creative intellgence of the feminine speaks through her, reassuring us to focus, to apply precision to the point of being surgical about it, cutting through the old ways and crap,

for lack of a better word, indeed to spearhead the feminine essence out into the patriarchal world.

Pallas directs spiritual & healing power, by using the intellect to direct healing energy, knowing full well that Shakti follows thought.

Don't fall into the trap of selling out to the masculine.

Even as you may pretend to play the boys game

~ uphold the purity of Love as you weave your brilliance.

Sedna, the recently discovered (November 14, 2003) body of great influence, sits imposingly next to Jupiter and Mercury - in our very universe - Sedna is back after approximately 6,000 years out in the far reaches of the Cosmos to instill within us her wisdom. She Knows. She guides the Sky God Zeus, to instruct and teach well, the ruler of Gemini (Mercury), to get on with it all in a expansive way, upholding the laws of the Cosmos while you are at it, whilst paving a path for those willing to surrender controlling patterns of the past so as to dissolve into the unknown.

Rather a tall ask, but Source has a plan and we are all in it.

Faith in the unseen is called for here.

The New Moon is pretty darn square to Saturn in Pisces.

A square is a push to evolve, in essence, it creates tension for us to make a move.

Saturn therefore, is imposing his weight to let go into the spiritual and allow for

the Divine to touch in with the creativity that abounds.

Allow for the right brain to have some precedence, some influence with the left. Pay attention to what is streaming in from most likely, the outer galaxy. New relationships are being made here to futurist ideas.

Realise that Gemini can be rather impulsive and frenetic, so Breathe, ground into the earth and take your time within the frenzy of what is happening all around you, whilst you simultaneously get serious, applying yourself to do the hard work necessary to implement what's next.

New Moon in Gemini June 6th 2024.

Phew ..

and btw look after your nervous systems. Perhaps it's time for that acupuncture appointment,

or a lovely nourishing massage.

Until next Full Moon on the 21st June

which is preceded by the Solstice on the 20th @1.51pm PDT.

~ A Hui ho ~


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