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New Moon in Cancer 2024 - Give yourself Nourishment and Care.

Updated: Jul 2

Saturn Stations Retrograde @19 degrees Pisces June 29th 12.06pm PDT

Neptune Stations Retrograde @29.55 degrees Pisces July 2nd 3.41am PDT

New Moon in Cancer @14 degrees July 5th 3.57pm PDT.

New Moon sits on the 14 degree of the Star Sirius in Canis Minor - is an elevating and activating energy from the Earth's Spiritual Sun, shining 23 times brighter than our Sun.

Receive the harmonics allowing your tender self to absorb the nourishment given.

Mars Uranus conjunction July 15th @26 degrees of Taurus, conjunct Algol - someone loses their head or status. Interesting indeed. July 10-20th, a rather volatile 10 day period therefore.


Neptune Retrograde July 2nd 2024. New Moon in Cancer 2024
Neptunian Waves of Energy

We are riding tremendous energy that can no longer be denied or put aside unattended. Timelines are being deleted together with parts of our very selves and it feels destabilising to say the least.

Anyone else feeling that? I can, I certainly am.

We are experiencing the effects of Saturn in Pisces turned Retrograde, June 29th, so all things Saturnian are occurring right now. (A week either side of the stationing of any planet). It's hard to put your finger on the what right now (Pisces), yet neverthless, the control we used to have is slipping right out of our fingers. Turn inwards and discern just what needs to be surrendered or what is no longer needed or necessary. We are streamlining as we move through multiple chaotic nodes, what timelines and stories need to be deleted, or literally, can no longer be tolerated.

Neptune too, at the very last degree of Pisces, influencing Saturn therefore, is also turns retrograde July 2nd - this makes for a disintegrating energy, foggy, confusing, time altering, forgetful, sometimes even numbing, somewhat fatiguing and downright overwhelming time for most. - there's so much water that there is a dissolution quality occurring.

But just know that that is what is going on and give yourself a break, go easy on yourself, be more compassionate and soften (Pisces), how you move and groove ' out there'. If you need to rest or take a nap, do it, Pisces/Neptune is very fatiguing energy.

New Moon in Cancer 2024
Neptune is Love

We need to talk about the New Moon yes, but I am describing the back drop of

what the New Moon is occurring into.

This New Moon in Cancer is beautifully aligned and connected with the Star Sirius. A most spiritual and significant star for humanity as it shines so brightly, 23 times more than our Sun, bringing a fortunate harmonic to humanity.

It is important also to highlight that the Sun and Moon form a square aspect with the

Karmic Nodes of Fate, indicating the need to harness the nurturing energy

of the New Moon in Cancer and care for ourselves.

We all need it. Inject care into everything you do and say, bring kindness

into all your relationships (Venus conjunct the New Moon and Sun too).

Saturn trines this New Moon, Sun and Venus offering spiritual support encouraging our pulling out of our hard working ways to allow for more contemplative and softening directives.

Simultaneously in the mix, we have the Earth Mother Ceres in Capricorn exactly opposite this New Moon, urging a huge sense of responsibility for this nourishment that we all need including for Ceres herself- Of giving and receiving, of being sensitive to others needs and what the earth

herself needs in reciprocation of what she has given us.

It's not just about recycling your plastics more, there are opportunities in every moment to deepen the cultivation of how we affect each other by being more present and generally 'more aware'.

That is where the field of creativity lies and we need to dig into it.

Ceres is also square the Karmic Nodes of Fate calling for practical application and

action from us all.

A new opportunity is emerging in this area. If we put in the necessary effort, we will bring what is needed into form. (Ceres in Capricorn)

Notice with your awareness what peeks your attention, where does

the 'creativity fairy' become activated in you?

What feels 'blah' now, whereas before, it was your thing?

As timelines delete, new ones are forming, we need to be paying attention completely, on what is occurring now, as we build the new.

There is an deep upsurge from Neptune to verbalise what needs to be said now, whilst Saturn says, let go of the resistance, and just say it/write it communicate it - just get the message out there.

Simultaneously, with the new moon there is an urgency felt of creativity, together with a desire to go ahead and take the action. Chiron too, is involved in a somewhat stressful 'just jump in and do it' signature, together with the will to pioneer that new idea, and push ahead,

being resourceful while you are at it.

Chiron also, wants us to trust what is streaming through us (stillness helps to be able to hear), to own our sovereignty, broaden our horizons, amping up the curiosity factor, to diversify and take a risk.

New Moon in Cancer 2024
New Moon

With Five Planets now being Retrograde, (four plus Ceres), it is a time to reassess everything and make the necessary adjustments. Take your time over the summer and fall, to feel where and what may need the necessary tweak.

A retrograde Pluto opposite Mercury reveals a few lies, digs up more shadow work to be witnessed, but also offers tremendous opportunity to heal with our words and hearts.

Finally, I wish to highlight and discuss Mars, which is presently in Taurus and serves as the ruling planet of the Karmic North Node of Fate, leading us towards our predetermined destiny. Mars is on the verge of a crucial encounter with Uranus, which will have a profound and impacting effect on us all.

Remember too, that Uranus rules Aquarius.

The sign that Pluto will be in permanently, for twenty years from Nov19th onwards.

Be mindful of your behaviour, as both planets, Uranus and Mars, symbolize accidents and can also bring about significant awakening and liberating actions, ideas and more.

During this period, explosive events, including seismic activity is on slate for this period of time - just giving you a heads up. This could result in new opportunities emerging that align with your desires for change. These changes may occur in sudden, unpredictable or unexpected ways, as Uranus is associated with electricity.

July 15th is the exact meeting day which may indeed be quite explosive, literally, fuelling chaos and unpredictability. I am not necessarily into predicting the future, but definitely bringing to your awareness the intensity & potentiality of the symbolic meanings, so be very mindful of the July 10-20th period as things will be unstable and volatile, to say the least.

Mark your calendars of this time frame, observe and breathe deeply as you go.

Neptune in Pisces - Unwind the Soul
Allow yourself to Dissolve ~ Let Go.


Ceres Sun and Moon square the Karmic Nodes of Fate
New Moon in Cancer 2024

The next Full Moon will be on July 20th. It will be a Blue Moon ( two Moons in the same sign in a cycle), and it will be strong at the 29th degree of Capricorn. There are multiple reasons for the intensity of the cycle that we are building towards. It is all part of our evolvement, so remember to stay focussed on what you are about and where your heart rings true.

See you then, tread gently as you go and enjoy your summer or perhaps winter down there in the southern hemisphere - I am missing Australia greatly these days -

~ A Hui Ho ~


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