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Navigating the Spiritual World: Utilizing the Guidance of Your Inner Voice

Updated: May 12

Utilizing the Guidance of Your Inner Voice

The heavens surround us more than ever now.

I am going to be quite frank here ... the angels, guides, benevolent beings, masters etc that are surrounding us and helping us cannot interfere with our creation 'down here'. We on earth are functioning under the Cosmic Law of Free Will - and so 'upstairs', those on the unseen, cannot interfere with our goings on. They can prompt us, put thoughts in our mind, urge us, make a book drop off the shelf, but they cannot tell us directly anything.

We are the Creators of what will happen into our future. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Its up to us.

I could write pages of the intense astrology right now and onwards into next year, 2024 - which will indeed be fast, more demanding of us all to step into our power as sovereign beings who create their reality.

For many decades now, the guides on high have urged us all to let go and surrender the old, process and move into our hearts, be mindful of our thoughts because they create our reality. We have been prepared by our helpers upstairs. The rubber is hitting the road big time now and we are required to step up and BE the Gods and Goddesses that we actually are. Yes, the veils are being lifted, the solar flares and plasma coming in waves to our earth are upgrading us and moving us through, but there is a requirement on each and every soul to Choose and make conscious steps as to what we Desire.

Remember, We are the Creator Gods of NOW, we have returned en masse to up level into the Age of Aquarius and into our creative, freedom loving magnificence.

It will take us all to make the collective difference. We can no longer focus on the chaos, complain about what is not working right, or think 'I don't like or want that person running for office' ~ we need to think about what we Do want, what kind of person do we want running for office, how do we want the world to be like, what do we wish to experience in our day to day lives. What will we leave the children!!

With every thought we create - every belief is a thought that we keep thinking, if you repeat it long enough it becomes a belief.

Application is imperative now. In my last blog I talked about next year a little. 2024 will stand up and take off I guarantee you. There will be massive changes and breakdowns,

Central Casting(the Divine) has plans and they are going through with them. Humanity is evolving and many will evolve and join the frequencies that are indeed on this earth plane. For those who choose not Love they will fall into greater and greater chaos. For those who indeed choose LOVE, they will begin to exist in a very different and peaceful world. For now, the chaos continues and will build into greater crescendo's. And so ... even tho' you may indeed be IN IT - do you best to step away from the drama, the chaos, the negativity, the frequencies or energies that are just so old, that you are so done with. It truly is and INSIDE JOB ~ we are here to become masters of our internal world. We will need to hold sacred the very water that we drink and the air that we breathe. Each and every soul that we come across is a walking body of sacredness and another God in action - regardless whether they realise it or not. It is not our job to adjust or shift others. Our job is to shift and redirect ourselves, to realise our own sacredness and uphold ourselves as such. The incoming FULL MOON in Gemini will be illuminating ~ shining light on the gravity of our times, the reality check call that is being delivered, calling us to assess with your right brain - your intuition - and not just the facts, to choose the quantum field and to become a creative, curious open to diversity being all over again. To choose the spiritual, the LifeForce Power of the Universe, to CHOOSE LOVE and let go. Surrender what is not in alignment with Love. To reOrient to your truth, towards your life purpose which is for us all, what is in alignment with your heart. The Full Moon will bring some confusion as the ruler of the Gemini Moon Mercury is square to Neptune creating a haze with muddled details. Heed the prickly quality, a sharp anger too as Mars sits right next to the Sun at this time.

Now is the time, the die is being cast, what will you choose?'

Watch "My stroke of insight | Jill Bolte Taylor" on YouTube

It will leave you with a profound sense of why and who we are in actual fact, spurring you onwards

Honour thyself and fall into Love

Utilizing the Guidance of Your Inner Voice

Utilizing the Guidance of Your Inner Voice


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