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Navigating the Cosmic Energies Ahead. Full Moon in Leo 2024

Updated: May 12

Harnessing the Energy of the Full Moon in Leo and the Grand Fixed Square with Jupiter and Haumea for Spiritual Guidance.

Full Moon in Leo 2024 5 degrees, opposite and the Sun.

Chariklo - wife of Chiron - know for her steadfast anchoring and pillar of strengthening, enduring and supportive energies sits exactly with the Sun @5 degrees.

Haumea, Hawaiian Goddess, Mother of Pele

Uranus - Ruler of Aquarius - known as the 'SkyGod', stations direct on January 27th

Chiron - the wounded healer, and the North Node of Fate (where humanity is being pointed towards this year) coming together in Aries, finishing up a project and birthing simultaneously humanity's next level of sovereignty and autonomy. Reconnecting levels of where we fell out of integrity with our true individuation, healing the wounded masculine within and without.


Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility adn rebirth
Haumea, Hawaiian Goddess, Mother of Pele

The energies constantly assist us to reach for our creativity and potentialities. Much is available to each of us if we take our time to feel into our depths for the assistance.

January 20th, Pluto entered into the world of all things Aquarian, well spotlighted by the Sun prior and in the moment of, his entrance into the 'Bearer of Life' sign. We stand on the precipice of great change and this Full Moon in Leo is imprinting a blueprint or encodement of sorts to birth anew, to transform into harmony and balance together with right relationship in unique forms alongside new creative, unfamiliar beginnings.

The Full Moon encodements emanate a strong ushering of needed ~ Truth and justice, our intuition and right brains as to what is right for the earth, what mission, purpose or goal can we move towards -Jupiter, - spurred on by Haumea - the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and rebirth, exciting and inspiring us to transform ... using our Hearts - Moon in Leo - to create and bring into actualisation our own potentiality within each and every one of us.

All of these energies and more too, sits in a stressful yet full of potential Grand Fixed (Can be quite entrenched in the old way), Square with the Sun presently together with Chariklo - holding a quiet yet sacred, strong forcefield supporting us all to bring to light, transform the new, out of the box, possibly rebellious creations that are part of our future. Trust the erratic, the wacky, step aside and surrender to the galactic inspirations incoming from the Sky God.

Chariklo represents a concentrative earthing together with Shakti energy that is fully grounded. She likes to be behind the scenes but nevertheless, she is very powerful. She engenders persistence, a quality we will all need as we create the new. She is a supreme medicine woman, shape shifter and tremendously nurturing having mothered Heracules, Achilles, Hygeia and Asceleipius. We need these qualities as we move through the years ahead. When Chariklo was discovered as hte largest asteroid on our solar system in 1997, she created a six pointed star in our night sky, she heralds a certain magic with her presence.

Chariklo stands at the exact same degree as the Sun who is still relatively close to Pluto. A very powerful Moon indeed.

All these energies and frequencies are occurring before January the 27th when the modern ruler of Pluto, Uranus, the Sky God, representing the galactic heritage that is our birthright ~ Stations Direct. Warp speed will be the only gear and life will seemingly take off and be non stop until April 1st when Pluto is the first planet to turn retrograde. Uranus is in the sign of Taurus - we have the Sky God coming to Earth, bringing knowledge, wisdom from the outer galaxies. UFO's are on the uptick have you noticed?

Use the energies of it all to inspire, to collaborate with others, bring in ideations even if they are off the wall and out of the box, don't judge them (capricorn/the past), write them down, they maybe the connector to the real thing or person you need to meet. Who knows. Stay open, stay grounded and breathe.

Aquarian Ideologies
The French Revolution 1789, marking Pluto's entrance into Aquarius

Keep up your daily practice/s as you will need them to calm and still the tremendous energies pouring into our planet. Solar Flares of various intensities are incoming and scheduled to be strong and at peak this year too. Pace yourself, don't overdo yourself. You, we are morphing into the more, towards your true nature which is rather luminous and beautiful. Trust the process of this dynamic year, Use Jupiter to expand your core mission and purpose to propel you onwards with confidence.

Ceres, the Earth Mother and also known as Demeter too, is ready to transform her grief of what was lost and move into the transpersonal by way of listening to Source, to love, surrendering the old stories of grief, loss and what was.

Move forward and transform into your offered potentiality and choose to love, choose to be kind, choose to care.


Check in with where the planets are tickling you. Plan ahead knowing the months that may be hot for you and be ready for this dynamic year.

Use the link below or go to my services page if you feel you need more time. I have different categories available.

2024 is the year to dig into your practice, meditation, and breath work. Uranus is in charge for the next 20 years carving our future, for now in Taurus, so bear in mind that he rules the nervous system, creates a sense of restlessness, almost as if something is ready to burst out of you. Nourish your nervous system with herbs, acupuncture, good oils and deep breathing.

Tread mindfully dear ones,



Full Moon in Leo 2024


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