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At the Leading Edge of the New Aries Equinox March 2024

Updated: May 12

Aries Equinox March 19th 2024 @ 8.07pm PDT

LUNAR Eclipse in LIBRA 5th March 25th @12AM PDT

Eris is right next to Mercury ~ what have you got to say?

Pluto Trine Sedna ~ aka Transformation and Metamorphosis.

Total SOLAR Eclipse @19 degrees of Gemini April 8th 11.17am PDT.

Chiron ~ the wounded Healer in Aries is very much involved calling for the warrior within to step on out. Whilst his wife Chariklo stands powerfully, yet quietly, in Aquarius

holding space for us all to rise into, as the sacred feminine always does.


The portal is open and the gates are set. It is for us all to walk the path forward now.

The Aries Equinox has set the tuning fork for new beginnings, (echoing into the months ahead, the seed geometry for the entire year), together with the continuation of the dreaming concurrently with the ongoing surrender into the unknown. There are still two personal planets in Pisces together with the ruler of Pisces, Neptune - representing Source maker - and the planet Saturn, planet of reality checks, structure and form in Pisces. Dream on, let go and have faith that we are being lead into what must happen and will happen, even as we are the change makers, making choices as we go.

This is the ongoing Pisces message that will continue until February of 2026 - for Saturn and Neptune will be in Pisces until then.

Perhaps it seems that I am speaking in riddles but in one sense we are in the chapter of an enormous break down of multiple cycles and ages (12,000 year, 2,500 years, 250 years),

even as we are creating the New.

This internalised Lunar eclipse this weekend, calls for our voices to be heard, perhaps now for some, declaring inclusion and equality, as no one and definitely not Eris, will put up with being left out or excluded anymore. She will assist you to throw the gauntlet down and pose the challenge by verbalising what needs to be made right and noble now in your world.

Aries Equinox March 2024

We are living in a 'GoTime' now as we ramp up to this weekends' first Eclipse of the year in

Libra ~ all about Relationships ~ We are being asked to pioneer, to upgrade our values as to how we are 'in relationship' with others. Perhaps it is a moving on flavor or even a letting go. The ruler of this Libran eclipse is in Pisces heralding a stronger spiritual commitment and focus .

As has been said before in previous posts ~ the people pleasing, and playing 'nice nice' needs to go, laid down finally, in order to truly uphold the authentic self with greater confidence and value.

We live in the midst of extraOrdinary times of fast and furious change. Eclipses represent change and metamorphosis both internally and externally as we move through the tunnel of the unexpected, the electric and the new. So too, we are under the influence of a huge ramping up of incredible innovation and creativity, expansive and extensive surges reaching for freedom, rebelliousness and renewed beliefs, birthing quests of grandeur together with mission style goals. We will be seeing and hearing of galactic visitors, energies and inclusions from 'out of the ordinary' into our day to day lives. This ramping up will increase between now and April 20th when Uranus and Jupiter will come together to herald a birthing of exceptionally creative change that will move forward in quantum leaps.

This will be our time for any and all creative ideas to come into form on this earth plane. Indeed there will be galactic energies born from this time period.

Aries Equinox March 2024

Sedna has an 11,500 year orbit and she is very close to the earth, she therefore brings the message and directives . She is totally involved now working and weaving together with Pluto, (and will be so for a couple more years), escorting us all to dissolve the old, surrender the past controlling ways within ourselves and also how we have allowed others and circumstances to control us. Remember there is no one to blame here. Accountability is all up to ourselves. Transformation and metamorphosis will occur.

Remember Uranus is directing Pluto as he is the ruler of Aquarius.

He is bringing heaven (Uranus) to earth ( Taurus).

*Allow for the possibility/ties to flow through you.

*Allow for the downloads from Divine Mind (Uranus) to move through you.

*Choose to be the action taker in your life making mindful choices.

*Make a choice to choose YOU first, to keep You balanced.

*Restructure your habits and routines so that your mindful meditation and quiet time happens daily.

*Notice when you move into reaction - and breathe deeply dropping back into stillness.

  • Reach for your Highest Good, move beyond your normal and stretch yourself.

  • Allow your angelic brothers and sisters, your soul family to assist you. You are not alone.

Aries Equinox March 2024


Learn Astrology

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Come and learn the foundational basics of Astrology. I will begin with the signs, houses and planets together with the elements and qualities.

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Tread mindfully as you go these next days and weeks into April. I will send another email regarding the Total Solar Eclipse regarding its potency and arenas of effects.

Mahalo for your patronage,

with great respect and love,



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