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Interview with Juliet regarding just how she works and her background.

Shields Bialasik

Dec 31, 2017

Article written whilst a resident in Ashland Oregon.

Prior to settling in Ashland, Juliet Butters Doty traveled the globe for 30 years spending her winters skiing in Switzerland while buying and selling gemstones throughout Asia during the summers.  She lived and raised her son on Maui before eventually relocating to her homeland of Australia.  Upon her return to Australia she was introduced to Medina Varley, a mystic of extraordinary knowing.  Despite her unique access piercing into the unknown, Medina lived a very ordinary life choosing to share her mystical experiences only with the dedicated few.  Within The Daystar Mystery School, Medina mentored the many intricacies, mysteries and facets of love.  Access to a multitude of Masters across the aeons was a day to day privilege of the ongoing experiential teachings.  Juliet spent 10 years working with Medina, an experience that changed her life forever.  Up until now, very little has been shared about the works and information shared by Medina.  She left no written records or archives of her work, yet the timeless truth remains the same, “The purpose of life is to love and to expand our capacity to love; also, to better our character.”  I spoke with Juliet Butters Doty about her re-location to Ashland, her experience with Medina and the interesting body of work she is now sharing with individuals around the planet.

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