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2024 Astrology Outlook

Juliet Doty

Jan 23, 2024

Grand Wailea’s astrologer, Juliet Doty, shares her thoughts on the year to come, offering advice on the best course of action each of us can take both on an individual and collective level.

2024 will be a progressively accelerated year as we leave the challenges of the last three years behind and head into a dynamic, creative year that will move at full throttle for the first eight months. Elementally, 2024 will revolve around water and earth, so it may feel relatively “thick.” However, there is also enough air and fire to propel us along with a liberating, innovative, visionary, and rebellious energy.

Pluto will move into Aquarius from January 20 to September 1, inspiring a new era of free-flowing, freedom-loving innovative ideas tied to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the mountains of data it brings, together with the extraordinary arenas that are opened up to humanity.

The act of war—which has tarnished, wounded, and obliterated much in the last year, particularly in the last quarter of 2023—can be found in the energy of archetypes playing out in each and every month throughout the entire year.

We are being encouraged to move into the North Node of Fate in Aries, which will continue all year and meet up with Chiron, releasing an old wounding, stimulating anger, and possibly initiating warlike energies from shadow realms. Simultaneously, we can tap into these energies to inspire the courage, confidence, and fighting spirit necessary to stand up for the freedom and rights that all of humanity deserves—not just those in power.

We are molding our future reality with our choices this year, alongside energies that may have us needing to breathe deeply and anchor ourselves to bring calm and connection back into our bodies and hearts.

From January 27 to April 1, all planets will be direct, signifying accelerated, forward movement, making everything very action-orientated. April 1 begins the first retrograde of Mercury for the year. Notably, all the retrogrades for Mercury will be in fire signs with a touch of earth, giving rise to a courageous, assertive, and initiatory energy that brings change to our ways of communication.

On February 9, the Aquarian New Moon proclaims the year of the Wood Dragon, signifying a spring-like awakening into the fire of the dragon and instilling leadership together with a hint of magic…there’s treasure to be found!

The United States’ Chiron return occurs dramatically within the very strong eclipse on April 8, spanning visually from the southwest to the northeast of the United States. Chiron calls for the country’s initiation to level up to our next tier of sovereignty, confidence, and autonomy. Concurrently, there will be pre-election anxiety with the primaries in full swing together with differences in opinions coming to the fore.

During this period, we will be asked to initiate and take responsible action on behalf of Mother Earth. A waxing event with two influential bodies will assist us with the ideation and communication processes around this action, giving us an opportunity to explore what works for humanity as a whole.

Port-eclipse season, there will be a growing push toward April 20, where Jupiter and Uranus will meet. It will be a time to bring out all things weird, wacky, and wonderful. Ideas of all colors will be set on fire with an electric energy on a massive scale. Look forward to a renaissance of sorts, with a progressive ripening of thoughts and ideas, together with new levels of purpose that will take place with all cylinders firing, igniting things that we have never seen before.

On April 29, Venus makes herself known in her home sign of Taurus. On May 18, she will meet up with game changer, awakener, and liberator Uranus (ruler of Aquarius, who guides Pluto throughout). We may experience changes with money and the banking system, together with some strong earth changes and shake-ups. Some relationships may show themselves to the door if future thinking is not embraced and shared.

By May 25, Jupiter will move into the Gemini archetype, where it will remain until June 9, 2025.

This will lead to the rise of fresh, invigorating, mind-stimulating ideas and the broadcasting of multiple broad perspectives. Our minds will be busy with much—remember to calm the mind on a daily basis to relieve any overwhelming feelings. En masse, we will be encouraged to reach out and help one another to share this work. There will be a lot to do! The Pluto-Jupiter trine ushers a solid flow of resources. Just ask for help if you need it!

All summer we will be asked to feel the earth’s aliments, and calls for responsible action will become prominently louder. By September 1 Pluto will dip back into the intense 29th degree of Capricorn for the last time. The transformer, regenerator, and eliminator commands us to surrender our controlling ways, to let go of the past and set ourselves free in order to embrace the future. He enters back into Aquarius finally for good on November 19 and has until 2044—20 years!—to build humanity’s collective focus, for the good of all.

Needless to say, the intense build-up to the important election in November will be affecting everyone. Pluto will insist that the system must change, urging us to vote responsibly for a regenerative course ahead, shifting the old selfish ways of being steeped in a self-absorbed “me consciousness” toward a mutually beneficial “we consciousness.”

Mars stations retrograde from December 6, 2024 until February 2025, with a heartfelt request to review the fulfilment of our true purpose. His passage in the sign of Leo asks us to review and contemplate what sits deep in our hearts and to ask ourselves, “How can I creatively express my passion to actualize my soul’s purpose to benefit the whole rather than just for my own selfish personal satisfaction?” It would be a relief if politicians could lean into the same rhetorical question rather than be divisive!

Christmas Eve 2024 may be a bit prickly, but the upshot will be that if we are flexible, we may be able to write a whole new story. I wonder what yours will be?

2024 will be a year filled with tremendous change, together with the excitement of what we can create together. You have been preparing for this your whole life—you are ready!

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