• Unwind the Soul

    Reconnection Retrieval Recalibration


    'Soul Whisperer'

  • Juliet Butters Doty

    Soul Whisperer

    What does it mean to 'Unwind the Soul'?

    I function as a Soul Whisperer, by taking you through an energetic process that relieves the causes of stress within you.

    • Move past your ‘Stuff’ once and for all and not look back     
    • Have the Access and Knowing that what you hear or feel is Truth
    • Flow from Floundering into Flourishing
    • Move from BreakDOWN into BREAKThrough
    • Stride out of STRESS into Streaming Strength                                          
    • Bust out of Contracted Gridlock into EXPANSION
    • Move from CRAZY thoughts to CLARITY plus
    • Experience, your true 'Spiritual Posture'

    To feel ...

    Your inner being able to harness your Spiritual Posture, your True North and drive with your Divine GPS within … thereby allowing deeper connection to the heart. To feel....

    • Incredible space in your field
    • Ability to FOCUS under chaos & duress
    • Increased JOY and HAPPINESS and PURPOSE-FUL in Life
    • Much greater CLARITY and ability to set goals
    • You really KNOW your direction ahead
    • A sense of Stillness throughout your day
    • FREE of Psychic Interference, or crazy thinking 
    • Able to communicate successfully with your INNER VOICE
    • You can Create and MANIFEST what you want
    • You can Navigate through life & make big decisions confidently

  • Ways to Work with Juliet

    Mentoring, Healing & Readings to Rejuvenate & Uplift you

    UnWind the Soul Healing

    The Ultimate Spiritual Body Detox

    I have a Unique Gift.


    I create a ‘Sacred Space‘ initially. I use the Power of the Spoken Word, utilizing Prayer specifically, to achieve detailed results unique to each individuals’ needs, but also for Safety! We sit in comfortable armchairs opposite each other.


    The Healing begins with my ability to see, feel & hear with searing clear psychic vision, what Love needs you to surrender or let go of. There may also be initiation, activation, recalibration and atunement that may be required as well, or ‘next’.


    I work with the Highest Frequencies of Love & with the Lords’ & Masters’ of the Highest degree. With access to the Akashic Records, the Bardo Realms and the many planes, dimensions & galaxies, therefore, allows a seamless, clear & thorough Healing.

    This is achieved One on One in my Healing Sanctuary Room.


    Long Distance Healing

    UnWind the Soul Detox Healing

    I have come to know, having given thousands of healings, how to decode the language of light. Working with the many bodies & systems, for example, the Auric Field, the Etheric, Causal, Mental & Emotional Bodies. Utilising & tapping into the Akashic Records, your Guides and Angels, & the Higher Self & OverSoul.


    Streamlining Atunement and Alignment, Retrieval of Soul Fragmentation, Chakra Balancing & Polarity Work, DNA Activation, Shen, the list is endless.


    Exactly the same as a One on One Healing, but utilizing Skype.


    It is possible to merge the Astrology Reading with an 'UnWind the Soul' Healing. Usually around 2 Hours in duration.

    Astrology Reading

    Evolutionary Astrology

    I stand in a Traditional Astrology background with further studies in Transpersonal, Esoteric and now, Evolutionary Astrology. (EA). I simply LOVE Astrology.

    Evolutionary Astrology (EA) is a specific paradigm that reveals the evolutionary developments and evolutionary progression of a Soul.


    I use EA as a marvelous tool to further see you and what you have come here to attain in this lifetime as a Soul. In essence, the Evolutionary Astrologer is a SOUL WORKER who is able to help others understand their own unique evolutionary journey from life to life.

    Reading your Natal Chart gives a greater understanding of YOU.


    Transits & Progressions will give a thorough knowing & understanding to ascertain which planets are impulsing you, what are they impressing upon you to become more, adjust, redefine or let go of.

    Mentoring Program

    The Soul Mastery School Mentoring Program is designed to catalyze YOU into your greatness, power and abundant nature. Working with the deepest Wisdom Teachings of the Ages, students are empowered into Soul Purpose and Mastery.

    In the ancient world, a Mystery School was a training ground for the Deep Mysteries of the Ages. There were and still are, many layers and levels of understandings for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear and, more to the point, with the heart to feel. Priests & priestesses alike were trained in multiple skills according to their nature and adept gifts. Each step required great tests, endurance, and a readiness to relinquish the ‘limited self, lower self’ in order to accomplish the depth and expansion required.

    In our modern times, we are looking at similar principles. We are often dealing with extremely sabotaging patterns, fears and traumas, from ‘another-past time’, that tends to thwart our happiness and success at every turn in the NOW, and in numerous areas of our lives simultaneously. The SMS Mentoring can teach you to recognize, clear those patterns, galvanizing you into your greatness.

    Please click here to learn more or below to book a 30-minute free session with Juliet to discuss further.

  • Guided Group Healing Meditations

    The High Frequencies that are brought through and received into the space, imbue a palpable, clear tone that is very anchoring, assisting the group to become more present with the feeling body. Observing & tuning into the resonance, pulsation, that the merging energies are encouraging each to experience, together with focus on the Breath. Impurities melt away. The blockages clear, eliminating stresses. Noticing the breath fall into a deep stillness. One feels a resonance of Peace, and a sense of feeling a lot lighter. Leaving each present with an ability to achieve greater access and clarity to Source, to Love.


    the Meditations will ...

    Promote a sense of well being

    Dissolve stress & stagnated, bound & repetitive energetic patterns.

    Expand & Deepen the Heart, achieving a great Stillness,

    Sharpen Focus and rekindle Power within.

    Balance and atunement for mental, spiritual, & emotional clarity.

    Promote access to our guides so that we can distinctly discern their presence and communicate clearly & successfully.



    Merging of the "Masculine & Feminine"

    Unify Within

    Heal the collective split. Individually Letting go.

    Geometry's of light working through your chakras, assisting each one to raise their frequency.

    Walk towards your new path ... all is possible. We have only to will it, dream it, create it, one foot in front of the other. Fall forward and be free.

    58 minutes in Duration

    Tree of Life

    A Guided Visual Meditation

    Experience the absolute presence of Being, grounded to the Core of the Earth. Access your birthright to the Lifeforce Power of the Universe, 

    charge your DNA and anchoring in, to finally reclaim your misplaced power.

    A marvelous, healing experience. 

    23 minutes in duration.

    Release & Receive

    Communion ReUnion

    Hurtling through the Cosmos and releasing all of our experiences. Realizing our Greatness, Receiving Grace ... Deepening our connection/communion/reunion with Source, with Love ... and more. 53 minutes.

    Transforming Depth Dive to Surrender All

    Maha Durga & KaliMa

    Goddesses arriving into our Sacred Meditation; Maha Durga, KaliMa, and more With great support from Lord Shiva, Lord Maitreya and the Christ Consciousness ...holding presence for all to deepen into the black void of Pure Creation. Emboldening us for the future. 1 hour.

    Weaving the Magic

    Dissolving into the Field

    Harmonic notes & tones of the OM awakening your DNA. A Play & Dance moving up the body dissolving your boundaries. All wisdom & knowing is Yours when your Heart follows. Swirl with new movement. Let yourself Go. 43 minutes.

    Embracing the Changes

    Roller Coaster Ride

    Connect into the grid of the earth even as your fly into the future w an Exhilaration & Joy. Many pallets of harmonics. Excitement & trust in life harnessed to now; endless possibilities. How do you want to see your world. Who do you want to play with? How do you want to be treated? Create what you want. Program your vision, weave your love into them. Your future road map is in your heart.

  • About Juliet

    I am gifted with the privilege to carve the PATHWAY FOR THE SOUL, enabling the Soul to become Free.

    I bring a direct and very grounded approach to the revealing of the Soul. I align, ground and create greater access to the Core…..redefining and regenerating our innate SPIRITUAL POSTURE within.

    Invigorating renewed strength into the very foundation of Being.

    Utilizing the Power of the Spoken Word and working with very fine, highly intelligent, and gentle energies, I work SAFELY. I translate & seamlessly decode the language of light, assisting the soul along the spiritual birth canal, freeing your inner being. Assisting The FLAME IN THE HEART to burn with greater vigor.

    Juliet butters Doty, Juliet Doty

    Juliet Butters Doty

    Metaphysical Teacher & Mentor, Evolutionary Astrologer & Spiritual Body Trainer

    Juliet Butters Doty has been passionately involved in the healing arts for the past 28 years. A true healer and mentor, she has done deep work of releasing karmic patterns, and has given herself fully to the evolution of her soul in order to know freedom and great love.


    Juliet is dedicated to Mastery of the Soul. Clients drawn to work with Juliet are on a committed path of self-growth, ready to step out of their old patterns and seek mentorship from committed teacher.

    Juliet spent ten rigorous years studying and practicing mystery school arts in Australia, where she committed to freeing the soul through dedicated practices, great personal sacrifices and deep surrender. She knows well the level of commitment and dedication it takes to relinquish what keeps one’s soul from thriving. She mastered multiple healing modalities and broadened her mystical understanding during that time.


    “My gift for UnWinding the Soul is founded on this privileged training. We all have the ability to unravel and return to full communion, reclaim our rightful sovereignty and freedom. Revealing the innate bedrock of our heart’s Core to reign again, revealing the gifts of the soul.”


    Juliet has literally given thousands of healings over the years and is adept with piercing sight to see, feel and hear the needs of each individual. She sees the issues that hold, the cords binding & thought forms confining that person back from expansion, and provides structure for individual growth by offering specific, unique homework and practices to exercise the muscles left exposed & vulnerable.


    Throughout her life Juliet has traveled, lived, worked & played internationally. She restores herself in nature through swimming, hiking and walking her dog on the beach and in the forest. Juliet currently resides in Hawaii with her husband, their dog, and her son close by.

  • What People are Saying

    Enjoy these remarkable breakthroughs.

    More Testimonials on YouTube - Click Here

    'Sazzy Faluk from KL Malaysia, attended a LIVE Training in Bali, Indonesia

    Jan studied with me and completed the

    "8 Gates" Class/Webinar Series

    Clearing Process with "Nash" Nazril Nash Idrus @ a Live Training in Bali

    Celine Grelard @ in Bali

  • Fatima Bacot. Australia

    “I have known Juliet Butters Doty for over 20 years. During that time, I have had the benefit of receiving many of her in-person and long-distance Healing Sessions, as well as participated in her Guided Meditation gatherings and enjoyed her mp3 Recordings. Always she is incisive and clear in her quest to assist you to the bottom of all that obstructs you from your clear seeing, feeling, acting and being….on the road to enabling your Freedom, Happiness and Wellbeing.

    Juliet brings great intuition and ‘witnessing’ to her abilities, along with a clear capacity to release with trust that which is coming forward for a client individually, or in a group setting. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Juliet’s many, many services to those who are sincerely seeking understanding, stability, balance and the knowing of their Purpose”.

    Lynne Matejcek. Ashland Oregon

    “Juliet’s Mentoring Program & Workshop gave me incredible and useful insight into how the individual, working within the Laws of the Universe, can encourage personal and evolutionary growth; through prayer, clean thinking, good will, right action, humility, and steadfast devotion to love and working with Masters & Guides. As a result of utilizing and maintaining daily practices I learned during the Unwind the Soul Workshop, I have felt a cellular shift and upliftment in every area of my life.

    Juliet’s use of inspiring art, music, guided meditation, invocation and prayer, technology, personal and guided mediation gave me multiple ways to connect and deepen with the information and practice. Juliet’s group work is an unparalleled experience. I am truly grateful to Juliet for sharing her gifts and insights with us in this supportive, enjoyable, and informational way”.

    Crystal Arnold. Ashland, Oregon.

    Before I met Juliet I was feeling stuck and doubting how to move forward. I know my results wouldn’t have been otherwise possible because I had experienced coaching, hypnotherapy, group workshops, and shamanic journeys that brought me to a certain point. But the unique healing and insight Juliet offered me has affected me in a deep and lasting way. I felt great relief and like I have a new ally in Juliet, and new skills, awareness and understanding that will support me in leading a fulfilling life.

    Juliet has achieved a super human mastery when it comes to her sight and ability to communicate the dynamics within my many bodies.

    I am currently a stay-at-home mom with two children under 4. I was feeling spiritually lost, directionless, frustrated with past professional experiences, and stuck in self-judgement. After these sessions, I have felt significant change in my personal and professional life. I interact differently with my husband. I am more certain and clear about who I am and the gifts I bring. I have had creative solutions come to me professionally, and am able to bring fresh energy to a challenging relationship, while pursuing further education to develop my career. Juliet has been available as questions arise, and I sense she cares deeply about lasting transformation of her clients. I am grateful to have her as an ally”. Thank you!

    Vicki Yoon. Oahu Hawaii

    Thank you for your loving & kind support during this intense time for me!
    I reached out to Juliet to learn how to navigate through the lessons of these recent intense planetary transits within my chart and to learn the lessons of my soul's evolution.

    I have had readings from several astrologers over the years ... and I must say that I have gained the most value from Juliet's insightful perspective.

    Juliet is truly very knowledgeable within the realm of the esoteric and she is a beautiful gem with a very warm, loving approach who really tells you like it is. She gave me wonderful & powerful tools to use as homework in order for me to quiet my mind (Gemini Mercury & Mars) and to heal the karma that I have been carrying in order for me to move through the dark lessons and embrace my unique gifts that are within me and bubbling up to the surface to share my light with the world.

    If you are feeling confused or stuck and feel like you need some support to move through and forward with your shadows, please seek out Juliet for a reading. You will not be disappointed.

  • Contact Juliet

    I would love to connect with you personally. Do send me your contact info and message. Thank you.

    Maui, Hawaii, USA
    By Appointment only
    1-808-359-8676 - text or voice
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  • Events: Classes & Meditations

    Game Changing year in progress

    Journey Meditation


    July 12th Pls come at 6.45pm for a 7pm start

    Mark your calendar for the incoming SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon July 12th 7pm ... testing our foundations and what they are built on. Where have we denied or cut off from ourselves?
    You may realize what you are REALLY wanting/desiring, birthing afresh yourself like never before.
    Now and even into the coming months as eclipse energies linger & affect us for months afterwards.

    our gathering time will begin @7pm. Pls come early.

    We are in a 13 week tunnel now. Karmically, we are being pushed to Let Go and Release all, into a whole new structure of Being.


    More than we think or grasp, we are being prepared to become Christling's (Thx Kedar) or, moving into a state of Homo Christos. And so all must go.

    3 eclipses 6 Retrogrades over the summer. Mars Retrograde will pass over the degree of the July 27th Lunar Eclipse point of 4 degrees Aquarius .. 3 times. The Eclipse will last well over an hour the longest this Century. Big Times. Lunar Eclipses take us deep, changes urged on the internal level.

    Come drop into a deep Sacred space and venture into the Realms where you are held safely and with great Love.

    Pls call me for you space so I may prepare the space adequately for all

    808-359-8676. Donation of $10-$15

    Goddess Immersion

    into Feminine Shakti.

    July 13th, 20th, 27th, August 3rd & 10th

    2 hour Class x 5 Weeks. @1.30-3.30pm

    Utilizing Power Point, Meditation, Mantra & Prayer we will journey each week to understand the mythology, how Her story pertains to our own inner world in our cellular memory, (cross relating into Now).

    Initially we will begin with the Cosmic Mother and the Big Picture .. then venture into the individual realms of Isis, Durga, Lilith, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Lalita, as Goddess .. to deepen & anchor her muse.

    How can we ReSolve Her within ourselves ... completely, so that we gain their/our gifts.


    We will come to understand Her/their tonality, realizing Her harmonic within ourselves. Discovering where we have denied, betrayed, numbed out, separated from and so assisting ourselves to reclaim, retrieve and recalibrate, so that synthesis may occur.


    Full Payment is required upfront for the 5 classes x 2 hours = $100.00

    Call Juliet 808-359-8676 for expressions of interest.

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