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    Bi Monthly on NEW & FULL Moons

    Aries Super Moon

    It's Cardinal and full of Fire

    Aries is the beginning of the astrological calendar. Along with Aries always comes a new beginnings feel, an instinctual go for it, try it out, go for it impetus. This NEW Moon in Aries is a time to initiate something new, something untried. With 4 planets and 3 asteroids all in Aries with Sun Moon Venus squaring off to Venus it is a JUMP and go energy to be harnessed.


    "In this space of new beginnings, what might grow within you? What is seeking to move through you?"


    Join me this NEW Moon as I share a little astrology before diving into prayer and the transmitted meditation journey together.

  • Guided Journey Meditations

    The ‘Meditation Journeys' are a gift & Juliet's joy ...each one unlike the other & imbued with healing. Like going to the movies, Juliet escorts her clients through the internal world of light & higher frequency. Each present, experience the phenomenon of being with Goddesses & Masters of Love, whilst journeying through realms & dimensions not yet explored.


    Juliet’s Guided Journeys imbue a palpable, clear tone that is anchoring, assisting one to become more present with the feeling body … an internal 'Yoga Workout' of sorts.


    Following along within the journey, observing & tuning into the resonance, together with focus on the breath, impurities melt away. Blockages clear, eliminating stresses.


    The Meditations will ...

    • Promote a sense of well being

    • Dissolve stress & stagnated, bound repetitive energetic patterns

    • Expand & Deepen the Heart.

    • Sharpen Focus and rekindle Power within

    • Balance the mental, spiritual, & emotional bodies

    • Promote access to your guides so that you can distinctly discern their presence with clarity.

    "Good Morning Juliet, I just listened to a " Tree of Life " meditation. It was a very powerful experience! Your voice, and the music, drew me in instantly. The imagery... the Tree ( my earliest connection to a world beyond the mundane ); Mother Goddess and water nurturing, filled me with love and longing; 12 chakras being nourished; the notion of calling out to all of my characters, over all my lifetimes, it is time now to gather all, love all, Being Love, Feeling Love, Aware of Love in my heart, breathe and saturate all with Love.

    ~S.R California CORRECT THIS ONE


    This was beautiful beyond words and touched me to my core. Thank you!!! Oh, the conversations to come..."

    ~R.K. Maui Hawaii



    Waves keep Coming

    Validating YOU

    Beginning with devotion & prayer, then dropping into meditation. Focusing on the Breath always, weaving in the mystery together with Love. Harmonics, colours woven into the cellular level with the Mothers' Love. Receive the nurturing, the validation of who you are even as, you stand 12 chakra's tall connected into the Galactic Center. Releasing the last vestiges of polarity repeating in your life, pushing them out from within, eliminating all, finally.

    Duration 1 hour

    On the Edge Eclipse

    Unify Within

    Opening into prayer, falling into meditation, we find ourselves on the edge of the galaxy marveling as the shimmering light of Shakti moves through you. Feel your toes on the edge of the Great Attractor as the eclipse builds.

    43 minutes in Duration

    Tree of Life

    A Guided Visual Meditation

    Experience the absolute presence of Being, grounded to the Core of the Earth. Access your birthright to the LifeForce Power of the Universe, charge your DNA and anchoring in, to finally reclaim your misplaced power. A marvelous, healing experience.

    23 minutes in duration

    Shiva Shakti Awakening

    Communion ReUnion

    Dropping into the heart of Mother Earth there is a distillation of our essence. Remember, Ground & Breathe your way through with Kali, Persephone, Lilith & the goddesses here to escort us all in this new chapter on earth. Lord Shiva is prominent in this eclipse along w Parvati. Reset time. We begin anew.

    Duration 45 minutes

    Silent OM Meditation

    Dissolving into the Field

    Deepening your connection to Source with your internal OM. Appreciating the Breath, slowing everything down and keeping resonating with the silent Om within. Building into a creative visionary experience for your future, our future together.

    Duration 50 minutes

    Connection is everything

    Receivership is Yours

    Arriving into the crystalline temple containing sacred harmonics, crystalline fluids, & the mysteries of the Divine Mother. Becoming one with the core of Love. Standing in the higher dimensions dissolving into the turning of the Milky Way ...

    Duration 57 minutes

  • The Guided Meditations are all recorded & posted

    on my YouTube Channel.

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