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Your Amazing Self

The time has arrived ...
Consciousness calls for you to step forward and really, really, really, truly be YOU with all Caps. Divine Order has the 'Roll Call' in hand and is listing who's up for the ride now.

Who wants to deliver? Who wants to be courageous enough, bold enough, to be authentic and BE the You who believes what you just know to be your truth inside, even though it may not be anothers' truth. So what! Its time to go for it.

We are entering into a weekend where Neptune in Rulership will turn Direct, and on the occasion right after, we will have a very strong Lunar FULL Moon Eclipse in Gemini. Neptune rules the Media, dreams, divinity, ideals, ecstasy, compassion, understanding beyond reason. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, Hermes is the occult ruler of Mercury. We are being jettisoned to focus on the higher mind rather than anything else.

Big change will happen within and without in this Eclipse season if we haven't already experienced enough change this year, herded one way and then another. An expose of grand proprtions may reveal more truths as we head into December culminating & reconciling the power plays witnessed. What will you allow in your life to happen?

We are being asked what your heart stands for, deep down, what do you really really need to let go of so that we ourselves can shine ~ not matter what your 'thing' is.

Dreams (Neptune), are possible now ~ what is your 'internal wifi check in' guiding you to do? Gifts abound if you have done the internal work. The Bridge is there for you to walk across, the cost at the tollgate before you do so is your Connection to Source, to Love. Are you well connected? What unusual happenings have occurred for you over the last months during Neptune's Retrograde since late June to have you question your connection, your ideals in relation to your beliefs? What piece or glitch needs to be let go of, adjusted in order for your plug in to Love to ring true?

This weekend and the Lunar Eclipse are bookending a huge epoch of extraordinary proportions as we ramp towards the completion of the last 200 year materialism dominated Jupiter Saturn relationship. The Solstice will shift humanity into the Air element of creativity and we will all feel it.

Feel deeply and love hugely especially yourself the next few days

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