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Your focus

It truly counts ...

We are in an imaginal process ~ caterpillars becoming butterflies, in the goop, not as yet fully formed.

Even as, we are deeply inside the eclipse tunnel.

Eclipses herald change ~ Inside (Lunar), & out (Solar).

We are all in a closing chapter of the Cancer Capricorn karmic axis. That is to say, that this incoming eclipse on July 4/5th depending on where you are living, is the last in Capricorn of a cycle of 9 eclipses that began in 2018.

The Cancer/Capricorn challenge has impressed itself upon us all over the last couple of years. Where does your security lie? this question stretches far and wide not only to your immediate family but also into your tribe locally, and both nationally and globally. The structure of your relationship therein has been stretched, tested and morphed into new ways of being. What will you choose? How will you adjust your sense of security to fit the new you in this ever-changing break down world?

Knowing what house and sign of Cancer/Capricorn in your chart will give you lots of clues and new ideas as to how to shuffle your cards, so to speak.

Mars, the planet of action, instinct & will is now in Aries, lifting us out of the fluid lethargy of Pisces into the Warrior energy that he is of fire & action, in the sign that he is the ruler of, Aries. Normally he is in a sign for 5-6 weeks, but this year he will be in his own sign for a massive 6 months.

The instinctual, excitable energy pushes us to get on with things. To voice what has been repressed, to not hold back anymore. Watch for flying sparks of emotion and breathe, pause. No matter where you live the passions will be strong. Whilst retrograde, there is a call to measure your steps w the internalisation of the retrograde/feel deeper about your actions.

The rest of 2020 will be the more intense half, with mars in Aries for the next 6 months. He will turn retrograde 9 September-November 14, and hasn't done so since 1988 (Retrograde in Aries). In fact, this will only be the third time in the last 100 years. Mars moves into Taurus (values/resources), on January 5 2021.

Eclipsing on July 4th, a Lunar Full Moon with Mars/Chiron (wounds to heal in what we DO), begs into question the new structures that we move forward with now .. this eclipse is radiating with the Sirian energies & the Great Central Sun, accelerating our evolution and allowing us to receive direct downloads of the next.

Our new world is being pressured to evolve and change if humanity is to survive this 6th threat of our extinction. And so ...

  • What is your Focus now? 
  • How streamlined can you be about that new idea or creation. How distilled is your inner connection, (Neptune Retrograde) to Source, to LOVE ~ retrieving the purity of yours Souls' trajectory into the Cosmos. 
  • What arena or part of your life needs to be awakened/illuminated/activated/upgraded or changed (Uranus Retrograde), so that you can be more resourceful.
  • What is truly of value in your life? (Venus Retrograde), so that you can restructure & come into your authority (Saturn Retrograde) in your life?
  • How do you communicate (Mercury Retrograde), in a more caring and nurturing way, not only to yourself but to others?
  • What is it that needs to be eliminated/cleared out (Pluto Retrograde), so that you can feel and Be in your innate power

If there was ever a time to be focussed ... it is NOW

Solstice Meditation ~ in case you missed it

Astrology, Prayer & Journey Meditation

July 4th LUNAR FULL Moon

7-8am HST | 10-11am PDT | 1-2pm EDT

Depth Dive .. The last of 9 eclipses in Capricorn running since 2018 as our world has begun to break apart ... this eclipse is radiating with the Sirian energies & the Great Central Sun, accelerating our evolution and allowing us to receive direct downloads of the next.

Let's check out the astrology of Now and understand the nuances of where we are being ushered. Assisting all to have our GPS connection burning bright and be strengthened with hearts on fire ..

Please Note ... We will be on an AUDIO CALL .. not on Zoom

Free Conference Call ~ 1-339-209-5379

Juliet Butters Doty | | 1-808-359-8676

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