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What is your Gift?

Incredible times we are living in.

Change is all around us and more is coming.

We are in times now, as the Goddess Psyche of deep union, turns direct today in Gemini we have a period of time to plot a successful path for this 2021...

What is your gift? What do you deeply value, how can you offer your hand in this collective time to help walk everyone home to Love.

Start with your internal yearnings, your longing, and work outwards.

What was your divine purpose before you incarnated into this world ... what was your promise to Love? Weave this in now over the next 6 weeks and take advantage of Psyche's incoming alignment to the North Node ... where we are going as a collective

Believe in your innate magic, be fearless, create with a boldness that you have indeed been born with & strive towards your greatness whatever your gift may be.

The Earth herself needs you, all the children, both born & yet unborn, need YOU.

The incoming Full Moon in Leo is calling all Hearts, amidst very intense times of erratic, electric change. Just days after, Mercury will begin his first Retrograde of the year in Aquarius no less, and so all things innovative, inventive, creative, different, illuminating, & shattering, are on deck. Where do you need to be revolutionised?

What arena of your life needs an electric shock. Watch out ... you may just receive one.

The Retrograde period will be from January 30th until February 20th; 25 degrees Aquarius down to 11 degrees. All things will be up for Review and Recalibration as we cycle towards 6 planets and 3 Goddesses in Aquarius in February. Uranus rules Aquarius, so know that definitely the cryptic crazy computer, wifi, communication glitches will be even more so. *Back up your work & your devices.

Change will be ON.

Chariklo .. Chiron's wife will be moving into Aquarius the day before the Leo Full Moon on the 27th. She has walked alongside the entire Capricornian movement of 2019-2020, so call on her to assist you. She Knows what is on its way. She is the power of the deep feminine & of YIN energy, she contains and holds space. Factors that are needed on the unseen to assist the transition of much.

Original Lilith .. for there are 3 even 4 aspects of her .. moved into Aquarius January 7th and will remain in Aquarius until mid March. She is a powerful expression of the deep Feminine & carries a voice of tremendous wisdom; use her knowing to assist you during these times.

Psyche, the partner to Eros, knows all too well what is required to be in balance within masculine & feminine, devoted to Love, and as I mentioned above, is preparing us for her meeting with the nOrth Node .. our Destiny. Make ready Now.

The Full Moon is begging for Change deep down within our souls. Very much involved with banking on YOU, feeling worthy of your gifts and to express them full heartedly. Already there will be 4 planets in Aquarius .. together with Venus beginning a new relationship to power (Pluto). Time for a check within about how are you with YOUR power! Are your Worthy to wield it now .. surely it is time. Neptune is still squaring the nodes and labouring the ongoing question of what are you not seeing clearly, what beliefs have you taken on that are thwarting your true vision.

I encourage us all, myself included, to turn our vision away from the madness 'out there' and truly cross check within your self and your God/Love/SOurce .. about what is 'Your truth' and consequential belief/s .. for these indeed affect your choice points.

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