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Uranian Full Moon

and a BIG month ahead

Very BIG Intense Times, Now, to years' end

What to say other than, Wow .. very BiG times ahead even as to what we have witnessed thus far in 2020. Do you get the feeling that something very Big is going to happen? Well sure as heck is.


With Uranus squaring the Aquarian Moon which he is the ruler of, on Monday August 3rd, we are sandwiched between Change and more change. Expect the unexpected, ready for electric diversification & transformation & get your pivoting shoes on.
On a Collective level we know this has to happen. The old must crumble .. that which is not based on Love. The brick & mortar will start to break up this month as the very foundations of the 'system' get shaken up further.

The Sabian symbol for the 12 degree of Aquarius, the Full Moon, is about a 'People on a Vast Staircase, graduating upwards those with wealth & power going off in one direction and those in a lesser position going in another'. Sound familiar? The writing is on the wall without any anesthetisation/numbing out as to what is real.
We will feel, see and hear it all in the raw truth now, in our faces. Change is being insisted upon .. we must if we are going to make it through this immense gateway.


Simultaneously, it is a time of being crystal clear about what makes you happy or brings you pleasure. Venus who is now out of her shadow and heading toward the North Node, "Rahu' in Vedic terms, in Gemini. Get in with your community, instigate the conversations. It's about your family all around you not what is in another country now, or on the TV, 'out there'.


Mars in Aries is square Jupiter whilst he marches toward the collective game changing volatile 5 planet conjunction 22 degree mark of January 12th 2020. He will hit 22 degrees Capricorn on August 17th and stay there until November 18th. Jangling the dynamics of this entire breakdown/breakthrough year. What's it gonna be for you? We are being asked to individuate whilst moving our egos out of the way, claiming who we are and go for it.
There is much more .. but for now we need to Breathe and digest each day and seriously regard what our part is in the Unravelment of Humanity.

AUGUST 3rd @7am HST | Prayer & Journey Meditation on the FULL MOON

In case you missed my recent meditation ~ here is an upload of the recording

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