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like a Pillar of Hope

Like a Pillar of Hope, allow yourself to be immersed and to bathe in this nectar of rejuvenated strength, let it flow through your veins as you rest in this trust essence.

As it seeps into the crevices of your most distant self, feel the renewal of your fundamental inner being. Tap it, feel it and allow yourself to grow in posture. To rise into your Absolute Being-ness. You are Magnificent Beings … if you would just feel it and take the time to feel it.

Your roots speak volumes about what and who you are. Take the time to get to know these aspects of yourselves.

Garner them with pride and know it is this piece that will assist you to move forward  with strength and valour.

 You are on a quest of sorts, all of you. The quest for your Glory. For when you find this you express My Essence, My Heart out into the world … and this is good.

This has been my intention all along my darling ones.

I have been patient and as I wait for you I see so many potentialities of your future and these are all so marvelous!

Begin, and you will see & feel much glory and you will come to understand my world in a new way.

The way it was always meant to be.

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