Tremendous Change and Potentiality

Riding the wave of Creativity can be fast & furious, erratic and wild, exceptionally aligned and Chaotic too.

We are heading into a momentous time together.

Be ready for the downloads, the ideas & fullness of potentiality. Six planets & a multitude of feminine Goddesses are gathering this month in Aquarius, not since 1962, where the first men were sent into space. That was huge. Imagine what can happen now. Armed with the transition into the year of the Ox ~ a revelry of choice points & potentiality is being presented.

Uranus is ruling the waxing New Moon in Aquarius and he wants us all to feel somatically what you, what we truly value and desire ~ to act on it.

It is time to walk through the door finally and not look back ~ to get on with the building and construction of the new, to rise, to work hard, to be consistent, to plough ahead no matter what.

Supreme clarity is required so as to harness & maintain the single eyed focus forward. There may be the classical mercury retrograde highlights of realising where there is further need to eradicate that which is not longer necessary to carry into your yearned for future. Take the time to feel what your Source is delivering unto you. What is it that Uranus wants you to grok deeply into your form, your body .. onto this earth plane.

The incoming Year of the OX brings an earnestness, a loyal quality that I feel needs to come from us all on behalf of our fellow man and all the children who will come after us. What did we do in the year of the RESET ... did we make an effort, were we consistent, were we focussed & obedient to discipline ( remember Saturn is still in the mix), did we try to invent new ways to allow for the new to establish itself. Did we embrace each other, did we encourage others their different ways, how did we honour the young with their fresh new ways & how kind & caring were we?

Let's face it .. we were born for this

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