· Waxing NEW Moon

1st Ray of Will & Power

Such times we live in .. as we move ever forward we are asked to dig ever deeper.

The Maya of life asks us, as we ramp up to the Aries New Moon, to enliven and potentize our lives.

Aries is Cardinal, it is a fire sign, there is a sense of a special destiny vying to be expunged, perhaps a story waiting to be played within each of us.

What has constellated in your life so far and what is still yet unplayed within you. There is tremendous potency now for you to enliven, to individuate your presence into the world. There is much to do, almost it seems now to achieve the impossible, but onwards we must go, for humanity's sake if nothing else.

Nothing is ever really handed to us, ultimately the things that matter the most we have to fight for. The children need us to fight for them .. to create a balanced world that gives them their rightful place because they were born from us and yes, through us.

Aries energy is coming from the formless, from Pisces, within the unified field, where the imagining's and dreams come from.

In Aries it is all about the quest, a time to take our place in the world. So what is your quest?

We are not here now to preserve the old forms but to build the new, whilst doing so, to work towards balance, tempering any subtlety of, or dynamic of impulsiveness, to deliver follow through and to complete our big dreams.

There is certainly courage needed to overcome the natural fear of discovering our true capacity/s, resulting from the repeated discovery born of a willingness to try and fail. Step in now to the unknown to observe and reveal unto yourself what gift may lie within you.

We need the challenge to develop & to evolve ... take yourself into the unknown and ignite your Aries within you, the courageous one, the gifted one, to discover your true resource.

We are in initiatory times now and this Moon is the kick off point.

In order to be initiated use your:



Keep it simple

Just do it

Go 'All in'

Be self centred

Be fully in

Play it out

Don't just stand there, Do something

... as opposed to 'Don't just do something, Stand there'

Free Will, faith in that possibility

Stay connected to Self, always seeing the Fleece, the gold, the goal.

Engage in a deeper way

Be willing to be swallowed and observe who or what part of you emerges.

Relate to this instinctual energy as if he is trustworthy, don't be intimidated by what may occur by others. Hold your power, you can just contain it and stand there in the face of much.

Aries energy just knows

In this space of new beginnings then .. what may grow within you?

What is seeking to move through you?

It is time to show up and engage in what is birthing through you.

Aries Courage InstinctualUrge Show up

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Blessings AllWays,



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