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The Receptive Heart

Love is the Key

· God Whispers

The receptors in the Heart chakra are vibrating at a fine and delicate receiving mode. Allow more Love to flow in. Receive and give into yourself the exuberant light that caresses your very being. Be touched. Sink into receivership mode. Surrender into the interior world of your Mystery … your own Soul Essence …. drink in the caress and sublime touch of Source, moving throughout your heart, beating. Transporting the multi dimensional filaments of the foundational platform that you will rise into and onto, in the coming months. You are being remade it seems and yet you are truly birthing your core essence anew into this world. The phoenix rises.

Be the love that receives you as such. How would you embrace a one, an angel birthing in front of your eyes. Give this even more so, for yourself, to yourself. Observe your every need, take note when you need to rest, so that when your time comes for you to launch yourself, you will be primed, ready, well nurtured for what is asked of you.

Being patient and in a state of trust is the requirement for some, in fact, many of you. Others are well on their way. Know that you are in a perfect position and place for you. There are no mistakes. You are being perfected for times ahead.

Reach deep within you … Find and retrieve that one that you wish to move forward now. The one that you know, knows the WAY. He or she is in there. If your are unsure, fake it, put your best foot forward and simply move forward. Any movement is what is needed.

The trajectory will gather you up and lift you …. move with it. The key is to feel, to trust your feelings, to intuit the how and the where … and to trust.

BE the one who trusts. Trust anyway, start somewhere and love with the energies that are morphing and changing continually. Join the party. Live & Laugh.

Expression is your token and Love is the Key now.

Fall forward and flow; with you, with the One with all Consciousness. Push the reset button and rejuvenate your palette of harmonics. You can’t get it wrong! No body can, as it is all Love’s play.

Let Go of what others think.

Be the One who is your very own Dance partner, who assists you to feel amazing as you scan and observe your body. Notice the multitude of nuance, the movements. Pretend you cannot see/ you are blind. Now move according to the feelings that prompt you.

You are magnificent beings of extraordinary light. I created you. Will you not now Trust in my resurgent ‘Ushering of the WAY’.

ALLOW ME to guide you forth into a paradise of exquisite scintillating beauty. A place where Love abounds and surpasses all.

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