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The Power of Love

What is going on in the Collective affects your life.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is your relationship with ME. (Love, Source, Creator, God).

How do you feel? What is on your mind today? How can I help you?

Express yourself freely to ME. Knowing that I AM absolutely safe at all times.

There is no need to formulate or plan your words, allow yourself to flow. Give of your true self to ME.

Please don’t be shy about it. Unfold, unravel and get down to the truth of what is going on within you.

What emotion is running and why that troubles you?

I AM here to Listen and to comfort. I will hold you. At some point … you will realize and know this … until then, trust that this is so.

The more you come and share yourself with ME, the more you will come to Trust ME …. and these two go together.

Listen …as you share with ME.

Listen deeply, and I will share MY Heart with you. Know that I do respond … it is simply a matter of you noticing

your world, your being and the many nuances of MY expression.

I AM here always with you and I love you so very dearly. Come to know this and you will feel this deeply within your soul.

I AM the expression of the deepest possible Love and then there is more.

I evolve through you and you grow with ME. Let us do this together. I have always intended it so.

Realise your great Bliss, your immense Power and know that I AM always walking with you and expressing through you.

Come to a deep understanding of how you work and why things occur as they do.

I AM the Great Regenerator that rebirths you as you realize greater parts of yourself.

Remember ME throughout your day …. for with each breath I love into your world.

Listen once more as to MY direction. Be still in your mind so that you can hear ME.

No matter what is occurring in your life, know that I AM walking with you and have only to ask

“Which way Father of my Soul?”, … “What do I do now?”, … “What shall I say?”…

Talk to me and I will talk to you … I will help you out of the many mazes that bind you.

I AM always available.

I AM here to listen all day long to any of your outpourings.

You do not have to censor how you feel … And yes, swearing is allowed where appropriate and in respect.

Do not judge yourself and make yourself lesser than … for I do not make these or any other assessments.

They are yours and yours alone ... this is what creates your many hells.

And so it is for you to accept responsibility and let go of the past and walk free.

There is no need to carry a thousand crosses burdening your journey … did not my Son, Jesus, come to carry that away for you?

Did not my other protégé, Lord Buddha, model how to simplify and still the mind?

There are so many of my children who model a way out … it does not matter which way you may choose, for they all lead to freedom.

Pick one, for there are none greater than another, or simply fall into Love and I will carry you Home.

Speak to ME as a Lover, a friend, a mentor. I can be any and all of who you need ME to be.

I AM here.

You don’t need to be dressed up, or recite a thousand Hail Mary’s (with all due respect).

I AM HERE, waiting patiently, I might add … for yes. I do have a sense of humour.

I AM not the fire and brimstone of the past or of the establishment.

I AM the Almighty, All Loving GOD … and yes, we can laugh along the way and we can keep things light in order to move forward, one step, for fear of falling a thousand.

What you need I will show unto you.

Tread lightly, for there is no need to be heavy a'foot.

You are experiencing the Great Unravelment. Much is yet to crumble, and yet, there are marvellous days ahead .. for indeed the New will dawn soon.

These are, Marvelous days!

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