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The Majesty of Life

and your role in it

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Equinox Musings

There is much that is ahead on this Equinox day.


Learn to be present with your being. Do not take on the year or the next one.

Stay with the ever-present NOW.

Keep your Heart in a state of gratitude. Stay centred & be with your zero still point within.

Navigation from here is far more direct and sure.

Know that I AM always with you guiding and directing your way ahead. There is no incorrect way therefore in this manner of being.

There is no fear .. there can be no mistakes made. There can only be my revelling in your heart and my Joy that is yours simultaneously.

Go out and enjoy my earth I have provided all, for you.

Know that there is so much coming of magical creative force that it will astound you how far you have come when you look back. Trust and trust more .. I always provide the perfect path for you. And yet that path may not be for others. Choose your way along as you go.

It is a dance, a dance of love, an adventure of the grandest play. My play through you.

These are marvellous days of celebration for indeed you are all unravelling to your final exposure of who you truly are. That is cause for great celebration. Trust in the process as this occurs. Continually letting go, surrendering unto Me, for indeed you are the illimitable light of Love walking on the earth.

Much is dying all around you. Heed 'not', to those goings on ... Pay attention to, your Heart. The way out of the Maze of what appears to be madness in these times, is right under your nose. My teachings have always been simple yet man has made it so complicated. Keep it simple.

Focus on your Breathing, calm your self down and rest in your lower belly. Drop out of the mind and feel the warmth of the heart.

Trust your Heart. I have made this heart of yours to function as your Divine GPS so that you will know how to navigate your way ahead.

Times are such that Humanity is moving through a substantial test, a test greater than ever before. It is like a walk through the Dark night of the Soul, yet it is the 'Dark night for Humanity.' It is time now to face the creations of not only yourselves, but the generations that have come before you.

All is held within you, the cellular memories, the thought forms, that which has never been forgiven from the past. It is all rearing its ugly head now, requiring attention, demanding your surrender, your release of judgement.

For all beings are part of the Whole.

It is a time to reassess what you believe. Many beliefs that are playing out now in your world, have come from the past to be dissolved yet many souls still hang onto the old ways, affirming and keeping themselves trapped because of very old & some primordial, beliefs.

These beliefs cannot come with you where this earth goes now. Frequencies are being upgraded constantly and only Love will reign into the future.

Where do you stand? What are you willing to surrender within yourself?

What beliefs are left in tatters within you, yet you continue to pick up and use repeatedly?

For indeed, in letting them go, you will render a greater Self Reliance which is so needed from you Now & from the Collective. In your letting go .. the Collective can do so with greater ease. You will then open to deeper levels of Love vying for more prominent presence within you.

Can you not feel this?

Go now into your day and marvel at what is presented to you to release. You were born to Let go & surrender. Fall into My arms constantly and you will find a freedom previously unknown.


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