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The End of the World ~ as we have known it


· Waxing NEW Moon

Eclipse ~ Letting it all go to allow for the new.

Karmic endings, completions, story lines & dramas. Great opportunity is here now to finish it. We are in the final week of Saturn in Capricorn. He is at his last degree after being there for the last 3 years in a slow, protracted, breakdown and restructuring. (yes, and still continuing as Pluto will remain in Capricorn to finish off the total job by 2024). It may well feel like the end of the world, for Saturn rules Karma and time, remember, he also wants us to take full responsibility, especially now.
Mars is very much aspecting the nodes favourably and so we are being pulled away from our past and propelled into our future. Whilst weird turns of events will be happening. There is a quickening within ... can you feel it?

Venus together with the Goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter & Chariklo, wife of Chiron are all available to assist & usher us into greater depth in our relationships, weaving in the feminine and _Herstory_ into our lives.

The Big Bang really is the eclipse on Monday December the 14th, and change will ripple out over the next 6 months and lives will be different. Neptune, the ruler of Media (& Viruses actually), are squaring the nodes pushing and challenging beliefs, and affecting the push of the virus through the spring of 2021. Expect things to lighten up then re the virus and a semblance hopefully of getting back to life more then ~ even as we push on anyway.

Of course the only way through anything in my experience is to dive deep, to do the work, to stay close to your Source, to Love. To contemplate the heart and what is it your heart is telling you. Listen and listen deeply.
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures .. what do you truly value, what makes your heart sing, are your relationships authentic and functioning well, how can you help them to go deeper.

As we draw through this week into the eclipse and after, feel these questions and come to peace deep within.

We have all been well prepared.

Eclipse NewMoon Healing Opportunity Boom

Join me @7am HST ~ just after the eclipse time of 6.15am HST for Meditation as we anchor in the Goddesses Juno & Chariklo, receive their healing infusement.

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