The Builder of Forms

"I am the mother & the child. I, Am, I, matter am"

'Mother of all forms', and 'the builder of forms' connecting the deva & angelic kingdoms to the human kingdom.

We have come far as a people on this earth, certainly over the last cycle of 2,160 years out of the age of Pisces and, transitioning still, into Aquarius.

2021 is a year with a shattering of old forms as we discriminate what we truly want & desire and what will we give form to now.
Since December of 2018, Saturn was in Capricorn, seriously moving towards weakening, clearing away forms and structures truly needing to be finished with. 2021 is a declaration time.

Regard your life now and be clear about what you sincerely desire to give your attention to. What you Value is still up for examination. As we wax towards this Virgo Full Moon we will witness the mutable polarity of Virgo & Pisces. Purification is a key word here with the sanctity of Virgo .. how can you absolve & purify yourself so that your truest and purest may shine in this world.

Widely squaring the nodes, the Full moon, together with Vesta the Goddess of the eternal, sacred flame, calls us to regard our lives & the earth we live on, begs the question how can we come together and burn true together to make the necessary changes that will heal. We have work ahead of us; breathe in the Ox energy to feel your strength and patience moves in.

It has always been an inside job; and it continues to be so.

Pallas Athene still in Aquarius is pointing her spear directly at our values demanding we make the moves to honour our resources, how can we express our will, passionately enhancing the earth now. Saturn & Uranus are still in a tight square waning from earlier in the week insisting for discrimination to make the changes, clear out the wheat from the chaff in our lives and create the new structures for the NEW to come into form.

What are your adjustments, redirects, or new plans?

purify sanctify ValueYOU
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