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The 5 Faces of the Goddess

and these are her musings …

The 5 Faces of the Goddess. She has come to us many times over countless aeons to usher us Home to more LOVE.

She has been speaking strongly to me and these are her musings …

“The energy of these times now are moving through us, relaying information. There is a language of Light that is being given. The Goddess is coming out from behind her veils and She is ready to express and communicate Truth now; new levels of Truth that have been buried for aeons of time. These Mysteries must be revealed, must come out into the light of day. Much will be exposed and the Feminine with have Her day, Her say and Her way. And yet, there is no force apparent; only the impetus that these Truths must be exposed, must be spoken and shared with the many. She needs to be embraced now. Her musings need to be shared. She is keenly aware that it is Her evolutionary time.

Just like the arrival of the trade winds announcing the turn of a season in the Pacific, so it is, that these blustery energies are blowing through in strong & gusty ways. She needs to be heard, to be listened to. As you do, Her nuance will soften and balance out with what she yearns for within you. It is Law. It must happen now. Earth Changes are on the brink and you all must be ready. Are you?

Accept Me, the Great Mother, fully into your life. Allow Me, freer access to move within you. Give unto Me of your time and ALL else will fall effortlessly into place. Allow the exquisite language of light to move through your temple. You feel these energies. Hold your focus and Love Me with all your heart. Indeed, for that is how this quantum field of dreams’ works. A totality of wonderous love that is so huge. Trust the love in your heart and trust ME …”

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