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Last month was another doozy in epic proportions with 5 planets retrograde .. this is continues with Uranus now joining the Retro party. SIX planets plus the asteroid Chiron in Aries!

Definitely internal times.

A mutable Full Moon in Pisces on September 1st .. expect changes. Regard your relationships of all kinds as we wax to the moon, adjust & make choices to your structure & authority to those relationships if need be, breathe ... are you respecting yourself enough upholding your true feelings. Venus (relationships) in cancer (feelings/nurturing) opposite Saturn(authority/control) Pluto (underbelly/power/transformation), your choices and your most sincere volition really count now, as we walk through a dimensional shift unlike no other time. Get down to that thing that is highlighted in your life now, niggling you.

Don't be fooled by the left & the right out there in the world. Go within .. what are the little adjustments you can make for yourself so YOU can harvest at g8ter levels. The political scene will not save us.
Huge times ... use the Water within & without to deepen your communion and connection, and make that your primary relationship.

We now have Mars (conjunct(Birthing something new), Eris; Goddess of discord & Chaos), dark goddess Black Moon, square Saturn for a period of nearly 2 months.
Both planets are in their rulership so they are both strong. Mars wants to put his foot down on the accelerator & Saturn is putting on the brakes saying "Woah Nellie .. have you got the right structure, released the fear, let go of control", and on it goes. The Goddesses are reminding us the many aspects of the feminine that have been ignored for too long.

That is a ton of energy. Breathe ...

We are in a 'heads' down' creative, instinctual time with Mars in Aries for the next 6 months. Let us use this Pisces Full Moon to truly feel deeply and become so connected to the core of our beings.

Juliet’s Guided Journey’s imbue a palpable, clear tone that is anchoring, assisting one to become more present with the feeling body … an internal 'Yoga Workout' of sorts.

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