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Nebulous Neptune

We have well & truly entered into the sensitive waters of Neptune, it's Piscean territory for sure .. with that brings on the rains & floods which we have had our fair share of here on Maui. My heart goes out to those who have been affected.

The emotional, psychic and spiritual times are poignant now as it gives us all a chance to discern what may be ours and what we may indeed have taken on from others. How are your emotion & psychic boundaries?

Neptune is distilling us to discover what is ultimately important within. Take these next weeks in March to contemplate what that may be for you

The rewards can be great if we take the time to immerse ourselves into our depths, to feel the rawness of what may be arising and transform. There are Goddesses abounding as per usual, with Kali conjunct Pluto to add an extra kick to what must go. The incoming Piscean New Moon sits right next to Neptune, with the Sun, further impressing upon us all to reach, to dive, to discover in fact, just where the emotional flux may lead & what is our relationship finally, to Source to our intuition, to love. Such an infinite archetype is Pisces and we forget about the what is happening when we are in action ... pay attention to the undercurrents that are running.

There is an earthiness coming from Mars in Taurus that trines, brings in the light, a go-time signal, offering a grounded support as to what moves you may make. Trust yourself and flow with the sometimes shaky territory of the amount of emotional baggage that some of you may be travelling through. Trust yourself to, let go enough, so that your instinct may lead you into the the light of day to pioneer what you know must follow.

Indeed, you carry wisdom that is there for you, however the work of discernment needs to occur to sort through your reality. What do you want to make real in your life. Choose and breathe.

Breathe and move through so that you flush through and find your ballast of support.


(During these Piscean days remember to take note that we will begin the astrological calendar with the Sun moving into Aries on the 21st March. A whole new chapter.)

For those of you who may feel you need a little help I am available. 

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