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Love IS

Fluid & Free

· God Whispers

LOVE is a Fluidness of Freedom that can never be qualified … and therein lies the Peace you are longing for.

Focus upon this great Well in your Heart and you will be forever in the Lap of the Gods. (that which Created you). You are the Soul Director of your Life, no one else. Direct with a clear Mind. Is yours clear?

Look for, feel and allow your sense of Who You Are and concurrently allow LOVE, the alchemical alliance, take place within. You are also the Soul Producer of your Movie/ your life; you hold the keys to our own Power Source. Free up your Emotional Body and your power will flow unencumbered without any misfirings.

Claim these Keys and revel in your own Majesty – Come to amaze yourself … gifting all those around you with your nectar. You will thus encourage the nectar of the ‘others’ in your life to flow. There is such a need for the River of Loves’ Nectar, to flow. The outer reflections of Mother Nature is a direct correlation of what is needed within us all. Allow your sovereignty to rise.

Live your lives with Love flowing. All who are a part of your lives reflect you. Honour & Respect each and every person in your life.

Love the hurts and the pain, the guilt and the shame. Love it all, for this has carved you and brought you to this moment. Marvel at your creativity then!

These are opportune times to bring forward and activate all of who you have ever been across all time … so that you can be and feel fabulous … Have you ever felt that there is something missing? Where is that power that you know that you have, but somehow don’t have access to!

Be courageous and outrageous with your unique calling or gift. Our World needs you!

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