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Stay Finely Tuned

Feel your heart right now.

What is it telling you, impulsing you with.
There is much happening now. We have all .. as a collective .. reached an epochal moment in time as we know it. Our lives are full, much swirls around in truth, in illusion, lies, fake news, chaos, madness, fires, hurricanes, you name it, it's ON, one way or another for all of us. ( AND, the virus).

So much astrology to translate but essentially in a few words .. go inside, dive deep and pray. Pray for humanity, for the elements, for the children and for the earth. She is screaming out now, of her imbalance.

I ask you now ... "What is LOVE saying to YOU"?

Where is the imbalance with you? Can we not see it in the 'play/Maya' out there in the world. Great change is now being forced upon us all because we did not make the adjustments previously. What changes and/or adjustments do you need to make now?
Love is the great craft maker .. and she is carving us all into the truth of ourselves. Stripping away all that must go. Her SHAKTI is quivering everywhere. Feel Her guidance for you, what does She direct you towards?

We are all being led. The Goddesses, Christ Consciousness are very much alive & right next to us all, ready to guide and assist. We have only to reach in and listen. Remember be detailed about what you need .. don't be general about it.

My heart breaks for Oregon, for California, for Washington, for all the suffering and loss. Let us all be grateful for what we do have, our community & our hearts' treasure.
Where do your responsibilities lie? Where can we let go of control in any facet of our lives. How do we hold ourselves back and /or others. Do we have fear or guilt within, tucked away or yet still unconscious. How can we Love more. Where can we be of service.

Be an uplifter, find the positive, be kind & gentle, think of others before yourself, & LISTEN. This perhaps is the biggest one of all. It is not what is going on for you all the time, be silent and listen within and without.

Most of all ... Love for Loves' Sake.

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I am very good at what I do. Ten years in a Mystery School. When I open Sacred space, the Knowing pours through me as to what needs to happen for you.
I see, hear & feel it.
What do you need so you can Hear your Guidance?

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