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Life, at peace

How are you faring?

I wanted to begin this page with a quote I found on Facebook the other day …


“Spiritual Depression presents itself in much the same way as clinical depression – but not quite. The marks of distinction are crucial, yet hard for the untrained to recognize. They make the difference between interpreting the source of depression as a problem that may require medication or as a process of transformation that is best served by reflection, discussion of the stages of the dark night, and understanding the nature of mystical prayer. I have met many people who have been treated for depression and other conditions when they were in fact, in the deep stages of a spiritual crisis. Without the proper support, that crisis becomes misdirected into a a problem with relationships, a problem with one’s childhood, or a chronic malaise.

Spiritual Crises are now a very real part of our spectrum of health challenges and we need to acknowledge them with the same authority as we do clinical depression”.
(Defy Gravity)


August 2017 and counting, In-between huge Eclipses ... The Years of past have demanded we move forward, indeed, pushed us to continue the quest with a sure footing and look up, keep on. Now we are asked to evolve even further toward our Transformation, the incoming energies insisting from the Galactic Center (GC), that we abide within more & more, ushering us to live as our greater selves and live with each other at a greater Collective Level … because we must. This year we are creating and pioneering ourselves forward as the old continues to collapse.


How are you faring?


Our planet is moving into higher and higher frequencies and vibrations, cosmically and astrologically. Solar Flares affect our weather system almost on a weekly, if not daily basis. NASA has brought this to the fore. Correspondingly, this affects our own electromagnetic field which has a DIRECT affect on our emotional and mental bodies, all the way down to our physical bodies.


In order to be in alignment and balance with these higher frequencies, we need to be clear of our shadows. To have DONE our homework and cleared our personal baggage department. 


The acceleration of frequencies are having the affect of pushing our density and shadows to the surface within us, causing unpredictable thoughts and behaviours to be more common. Our inner ‘self talk’ can be filled with thoughts that are not in alignment with where we are truly wanting to move towards or what we want to create. They, the shadows, almost have their own power overriding what we really want. Creating frenetic chaos; look out into todays world. Can you not see it?


When we haven’t dealt with past events and/or emotions/traumas, a part of our power department comes into play. I refer to this arena as, our ‘misplaced power’, as we do not have access to it, laying trapped within us, and vying for our attention. I call this our Unfinished Business or Baggage Department! Another term would be, 'Soul Fragmentation'.


To move forward with ease, we need to deal with these fragmentations that are unconsciously tucked away inside us. It usually is what we don’t or won’t talk to others about, (let alone ourselves!), our secrets, judgements, emotional pain & traumas not dealt with, or as yet, not completely.


Our Inner Heart  shows us the way to feel the truth. By unconditionally observing our inner world we can watch and notice our shadows.We can begin to accept and let go of, and finally, forgive these parts … that are actually a part of ourselves! How long has this particular part of ourselves not been nutured or cared for? Not been given the love that it so yearns for.

How long will you hold yourself at ransom?


Working with me brings greater clarity and a freed up sense go well being ... a sense of being finally here in the body = Retrieval of the Soul Fragmentations. Thus bringing conscious awareness of distinct cellular emergence of power throughout our whole being. Being unhooked, so to speak, from various glitches. Releasing the ability to see with clarity ahead and a rejuevenated conviction as to what direction in life you would like to move towards. Together with focus, passion, and finally, a lot more of  your innate power accessible to you.


You are more your Authentic Self.


We have been created to Be a 'Conscious Creator'.  We have only to realise our magnificence …. and simply to rest in GRATITUDE, feeling ‘what we want’, for our lives to turn around. 

Manifesting the simple pleasures and contentments, that is a 'life at peace'. 

Your Birthright.

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