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It's Time for the Divine to be woven into everything. Everything you touch, see, hear, smell, enjoy, witness and share with.

Shakti is alive, Shakti is sharing herself on all levels now.

There is no mistaking the tenure of her voice or the urgency of her desire. Intensity is in each and every day now and we are being asked, if not demanded to, step up & out and be heard.

Claim your abundant nature. Claim what is your true worth .. this cannot be denied by any of us anymore. We are all meant to flow fully with Her majesty, Her wealth and full support so that we may prosper. For indeed Her majesty is Yours. Her wealth is Yours .. you have only to claim it.

Listen deeply now … for She whispers softly sometimes in amongst her loudest calls. It is in Her softness, Her whispers, that the Jewels of Her Nectar are found. Stay close

There is a prerequisite now to let go of what is not Divine, what is not Sacred in your life. Your frequency is sacred & necessitates you to uphold yourself in this ongoing manner.

Why? If you are to attract what you desire & want in your life your frequency is the match magnet, the allurement factor for you to receive that very desire into your life. Your friendships may change, others may be attracted into your life .. as all is frequency now.

And so, be careful as to how much TV, news, social media you witness each day, even as there is an incredible level of happenings to keep up with.

The question bares your answer .. what is Sacred in your life now, what is Divine?

It's YOU. It's You every time you go to answer that.

It has always been an inside job, it has always been simple. Love is ALLWays the Key in everything that you do. Dive into your inner practise. Commune with Source.

The coming months until the end of this 2020 year will be trying and most vehemently tumultuous. We are moving through a time that will not occur for another millennium. The transits of Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn have nor occurred for 730 years

Your focus is being demanded of you, discipline too. Are you committed to YOU? Are you willingly to give yourself all you've got at this point? For these very days are why you came, why you embodied when you did, to be able to come forward now.

Forget your stories, the dramas, the victim plays and just walk forward with what you have .. whatever that may be.

The world as we know it is crumbling, and the old is doing its best to hang on .. so let the old fall from you now, allow the focus of life draw you inwards to the majesty of your magnificence.

The world awaits you.

Go well my dear ones,

Go well,


I will include a Breathing Meditation

Beauty Shakti Namaste Source Love
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