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 alloallow your flow to birth within yow your flow to birth within youallow your flow to birFeel itth within you

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Wishing you all a marvellous entrance into this 'New Age' be it just at the very beginning ~ nevertheless, change has begun.

I am taking a wee break from my Bi Monthly Journey Meditations for this moon cycle coming and will adjourn on the New Moon of January 12th of 2021.

~ Thoughts for this new time ~

Right Human Relationships,

Getting beyond the blame of opposition,

Self Responsibility, Self Care & Nurturing,

Identifying the shadow or the 'Elephant in the room',

Take PAUSE - take a breath and see your choices,

Find bliss in the chaos,

Gain your own inner council & act rather than react.

Do move with your feelings, find your new ways to communicate what you feel within,

Have more compassion for others & yourself

Take that Breath and BREATHE

How do we create community, we all want the same things,

What is the right choice out of the many available?

Take a break from news & information and space just for yourself away from others,

Integrate new forms,

Develop your voice,

Write a blog and share yourself,


Be of Service - volunteer somewhere,

What is your new story?

Launch your big Idea

Seed new possibilities

Remove the Blinders ~ really see what is in from of you

Ground yourself .. feel your toes and feel the length of your body when you feel ungrounded,

Throw away any old bricks as you build your new foundations

Give compliments, Share gratitude, Practice neutrality,

and finally ... Go Outside into Nature & Drink in the Earth.

Love AllWays  Air Element 2021
SoulDetox Healing Clearing unwind the soul

Blessings AllWays as we move into 2021.

May we all co create together,



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