· Waxing NEW Moon

Epochal Times continue & the build up to the next New Moon is no exception.

In your lifetime you have not witnessed anything like what has already occurred this year and on Thursday November 12th Jupiter begins his new phase in respect to Pluto; another epochal moment! Heralding a 'new beginnings' in relation to Power. What is your truth? What do you stand for? What seeds will you plant, what will you initiate in regards to your truth, your purpose for being? Make it known & heard.

At the very least, allow the knowingness ring through your own body & cells, deeply into your bones.

Mars will turn direct the next day, giving most a sigh of relief, that progression is able to occur in our lives once more, followed by the New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, anchoring your pledge into the recesses of your heart.
Discerning times as Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio so it is an opportune moment to declare 'You', a time to weave in your intention, Vote for you, your truth in your life, your note, and sing it out into the world. Radiate your knowingness and mix in your hearts' fullness. The world, the children, all who suffer need you anchored in your heart fully ON with you and your truth.

Why are you here and what did you come to this earth plane to do, to give, to Be?
What 'ere it may be, it is time.

We have all been given a myriad of choices, carte blanche to use your Free Will. Now is your time. Weave your Love into the tapestry of your life, anchor in your deep knowing, exude the kindness in your heart, & remember we are all in this together.

We are all One

Calm deepen mindfulness healing guided

Apologies for last cycles misprint - Mercury Retrograde glitch - leaving some of you unable to connect into the meditation. Rest assured that the number above is correct.

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