Eclipse of the Heart

in these open ended Epochal Times

We are in incredible times for sure, no one is left unscathed. Everyone is facing the writing on the wall.

Open-ended? I say this because the outcome is not yet written. It is up to us to write the script as to how humanity manages this huge crossroads and as to how we hopefully will escape a full extinction of the human race. We may not see it in our lifetimes, but indeed our children & theirs will live through the repercussions of the seeds we sow in these coming months & couple of years ahead.

The incoming eclipse on Saturday June 20th, the Solstice, will be power packed and will surely ask of your attention. The most important – and intense – eclipse this year is the dramatic annular New Moon Solar eclipse at 0 Cancer. The last in the Capricorn Cancer axis which has been governing out breakdown over the last couple of years.

It is important here to realise or remember, we only Evolve through the Emotional body.

The annular quality means that even though this is a total eclipse, the Moon’s distance from Earth means there will be a narrow ring of light around the New Moon eclipse.

The two Full Moons immediately before and after the solar eclipse in Cancer are themselves shadow eclipses: not quite close enough to the nodes to be ‘full’ lunar eclipses*, but close enough to the nodes that the Moon will enter the penumbra of Earth, creating a dark shading or shadowing on the face of the Moon.

Along with Neptune going Retrograde (turning inward to 'feel' essence within) & Venus (relationships of all kinds/what we value), going Direct within days of each other ( planets stationing R retrograde or Direct are more intense) .... and Mars squaring the Moons Nodes (Karmic Axis for the collective), during the same week ... in this Eclipse Tunnel that we are in ... will demand Spiritual Will (Mars) in Pisces (spirit/essence) to be tapped and felt in order to DO (Mars) the better thing/take the right action (Mars in Pisces squaring the Moons Nodes/conjunct ((seeding something new)) Neptune, Pisces ruler).

Involved also, are the Dark Goddesses Persephone, Kali, Lilith, (to assist us with potential shadows arising within), Parvati (Divine Yogini to assist in guiding us towards the still point & the sacred marriage) ... together with Lord Shiva holding the container and providing his strength for his consorts to express their creative Love Force energies to this earth at this time .. so that we may transform, activate, integrate these energies well, evolve and move through this spiritual birth canal that we are all in. Together, for indeed, we are all in this scenario 'together'.

Yes ... its a LOT.

I invite you to join me on the morning of this day that will build up to the moment at 8.41pm HST | 11.41pm PDT | 2.41am June 21 EDT.

Join me to dive into prayer, to call upon those that are always there to assist us along our dharmic paths. We will then fall into the Guided Journey Meditation.

I look forward to sharing with you.

Blessed Be to one and all, 


Saturday, June 20th 
7.00-8.00am HST | 10am-11am PDT | 1.00-2.00pm EDT

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