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Eclipse time


Trust like you have never trusted before. 

BE the Rock you know the Christ to be. 

BE that Rock. Rise up to meet that calibre of being.    Your calibre of being. We are all in it together now. Each Soul is required to deliver 100%, each their uniqueness. The very fabric of the earth yearns for and depends on it now. There is much occurring and each one of you knows how much you need to strive for, to reach inward for and to Be.

It is all about emanating your Greatness of Being now … simply this.

There are so many, many Guides and Masters on the periphery of your Earth at the moment. So many have waited for these very days. Yes Indeed, they are here waiting for you to ask for any and all assistance. There are those who do ask and utilize their gifts but there are many, many more who do not. Soul Brothers & Sisters from distant galaxies come to hold frequencies for this earth plane and her inhabitants. Out of their Love for you. For you affect them and their worlds, their galaxies.

Do you not see this. WAKE UP and Remember your true nature.

Do not repeat what has happened in the past. This time it is intended to be far different and uplifting. Support one another. LOVE one another. The time of competition & polarized ways are over. The frequencies that you are in now can no longer tolerate duality.

NOW is the time of great potentiality to occur in this galaxy. Evolutions changes are nigh for your planet, in fact, it is occurring now and affecting all of you. There is great pressure within and without. Many are snapping and popping like your popcorn. Look after yourselves as you move through the gates. Nuture, support and love each other. Restore Compassion on your planet. It begins with you.

It is NOW.     It is YOU.    It is your Earth.   Wake up and listen.    Listen to your hearts and Act. ACT before you are left behind. This ship is not waiting, so to speak. There is great forward movement and opportunity abounds. YOU are the players in this great epoc play of enormous proportions. Spiral upwards my dearest ones and complete your prophesied fulfillment. Pay attention on a daily basis for each and every day there is the next requirement of you.

More expansion of your ever evolving expansion into more & more Love.

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