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Change is here now

· Winter Solstice
A Dynamic, Life Changing Solstice.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported me this year in joining me in the meditations that I transmit, the Astrology Readings I give and the Healings I bring through ... I love my work and it brings me great Joy.

We are shifting gears for sure, now into a new era.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction that will occur on the Solstice, tomorrow morning @8.20am HST will be like none other. Particularly as Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius has not happened since the middle ages for 800 years, but more uniquely, this coming together of these two planets has not occurred on a 'Winter Solstice' in 5,000. years. That is quite the signature.

You can imagine these two to be like an accordion. Expanding outwards and then contracting back inwards. So we have been dialing it all back inwards this year expelling, a letting go of, what is no longer needed. On the New Phase expansion after the two planets align, we will seed a new era in the Air element. All things innovative & creative, collective thinking will be on the table more, upliftment and change will be on the cards.

Just know that with Uranus in charge of the game now, he will be after your unique creativity to birth from you, inside outwards. He will want you to value YOU, to honour your Gifts & Talents and to express them.

Mars is in a favourable position to fill you with the courage and confidence to do so.

Heaven sent, it is our time.

In essence ... it is a time now to VALUE You

To get out there with your gift

To value & love the earth

Find your community, your soul family if your haven't done so already

Ponder seriously about money & how it flows for you and can you change up how it comes into your life now and into the future. (( Uranus is in Taurus, for the next few years, he is in charge of multiple goings on & Taurus is about Money!))

There will be a shattering of much next year .. great creativity and change too, as the accordion begins its new journey to express the agenda of the planet (Uranus In Taurus), who rules Aquarius. You may know or may not know ... that Uranus is know as the great Awakener, Liberator, hence the shattering so that we may 'wake up' even more, to how grande we truly are.

We are incredible Creator GOds who have planned all along to be here at this time. Why did you come? What lays deep in your heart to accomplish?

Vision yourself at your most magnificent ... expressing your Joy, your Bliss,

Mother Earth needs you now ... as do all the children.

All hands on deck

#SoulFamily #Community #WakeUp #Change

Wishing you all a very Mele Kalikmaka

Blessings Always,



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