· Waxing Full Moon

Strong dreaming signature for the Equinox

Fantasize, access your relationship to the dream space within you .. bring that out into your life now. Be your most authentic self. Say what you mean. Mars is so close to the north node{where we are all meant to shooting for}, (in the Equinox chart), making a statement for this new astrological year. Action, express your will, communicate that well. Think really big and make your steps forward last. Can make for volatile energy too, so breathe deeply and watch out as you drive.

There may be elements in your life that need shaking up, perhaps even a shattering, how can we pre-empt this by waking up even more, how can we get ahead of it?


~ Dive deep and do the inner work ~

This week we wax toward the Full Moon in Libra on the Sunday morning of the 28th March. The year is moving forward and we feel it with the Aries energy of action and busyness. We have a powerful new beginning regards our relationships and how we want to be within that space. Make it authentic, expand your perspective to encompass the larger one. Make it a win win situation now as you actively launch your new projects. Simultaneously healing old ways of acting things out and resetting the program from within your being. Allow Venus to move through you and fill your heart; allowing you to discover, what is of most value to you.

Mars is still conjunct the north node since the Equinox when we arrive at the Full Moon and so .. Know that your actions count.

Where is your will?

Is it in alignment with the Divine and how are the

'God whispers into your heart' guiding you?

Relationships Value Authentic Self

Join me as we dive within for the incoming Full Moon.

Holding the earth as we go.

Holding the earth



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