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Downright Intense times

& the Goddesses are here to help

I write this Blog on Sunday August 9th and for the next meditation ~ I know not what will happen this week. I just know that astrologically it is a doozey beyond anything, we are in the midst of it now.

I care about all of us, humanity and this earth.

I also know that the only way to deal with this mad, crazy world that we now live in is to stay very close to the internal flame burning in the heart. To be deeply connected, to enjoy ourselves, to be with loved ones and imagine what I do want to have in my life. It seems to be the only way left to navigate.

Most of the pressure & push of the intensity is to get each of us to express our true authority, our essence and be the Leo roaring our Song into this world. It is the 2020 RollCall and this week is shoring up who wants to play big & bigger.

Much Grace is available on August 11th & 12th. ~ and so, it begs the question,

Do you want to take a main lead part or be a bystander in this cosmic play?

Pluto, now retrograded almost, back to the January 12th, 22 degree Capricorn ~ holds a powerful trigger of all things that need to breakdown/power that is not in alignment to Love. Breaking up structures that need to go, particularly now that he is nearing that trigger point from January.

Pluto is more closely conjunct Saturn who rules Capricorn, both are in a Yod (also known as a Finger of God), to this coming New Moon and to the North Node in Gemini August 18th. Our choice points of being are our authentic, shining, powerfully actualised selves and BE our divine purposeful reason for embodying on this earth plane. The point of destiny is Hygeia who stands exactly opposite Pluto, the Transformer.

Hygeia is the Goddess of Healing, an awakener, like Chiron. Not just for us as human beings but for the earth herself too .. For truly it is our personal relationship with the natural world that IS our health. She represents the energy for creative intelligence to make its way into the masculine world. Sound like something we could use right now?

She is like a double serpent wielding her serpent power of the Matriarch. She is a Kundalini Goddess. Hygeia is a quiet, 'behind the scenes' type of Goddess ... not big and bold like Kali .. yet it is her simplicity that implies her awesome power, she IS the source of power, of creativity itself.

She wants you to be your Source point .. plugged in turned ON and ready.

The New Moon in Leo on Tuesday 18th is a window of upliftment in that there is a wonderful doorway to jump into when the powerful times all around may become too much.

A Cardinal Grand Cross of Goddesses; Hygeia, the Goddess of Healing as she awakens, is exactly opposite Pluto, the Transformer. Pluto & Saturn, squares Juno, Goddess of Equality, is opposite Black Moon (incorporating Durga & Kali, cracking our Karmic bedrock, exposing all that needs to be exposed deep within the toxic masculine), Goddess Eris ( Chaos & Discord), she is very pissed off because she wasn't invited to the wedding that she should have been invited to, so she crashed it ... & Mars (action, war, passion & will). The last 3 are conjunct meaning, birthing something new.

This New Moon will be a g8t opportunity and a relief to get to, at least. Venus & Uranus are aligning in a gorgeous way to harmonise creatively the changes that we are inspired to relay out into our world.

Use this Moon well .. intend to radiate your solar heart into your world.

New Moon Meditation August 18th

I invite you to join me for 'Prayer & Meditation'. I am a simple soul who has travelled through many lives it seems in this one ... and I find gathering with like minded souls, chanting, praying and focusing on what Source has for us, in our hearts, is the nectar that feeds me.
I was using Zoom but find it unnecessary as it really is an audio event with our eyes closed basically .. and so Audio it is now.
I used to charge for these gatherings before CoVid but find now I am happy to give of these freely. I ask that you share with others if you find fulfilment, and go to my YouTube Channel
Please enjoy the many meditations on the meditation playlist. I welcome sharing, likes and your subscribing.

In case you missed the last Meditation ..


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