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Crossing over to the end of 2020

The Great Reset | December 21st 2020

"2020 is best described as a rickety bridge between Epochs - beginning in one astrological Era and is ending in another - not particularly safe or inviting, but the only way across". ~ Lorna Bevan

What a year right? November is upon us almost and it too, is a packed month of much. and so ... BREATHE .. in & out, being mindful of what you are focussing on.

You are the 'Director of your Ship' not the external happenings out there; tumultuous as they are.

The Full Moon will be in Taurus on Halloween ...begging the question, how self reliant are you?, How are all your relationships? What adjustments and changes do I need to make? Can you see the Beauty in your Life? The Moon will be strongly impacted by Uranus demanding change, change, change and more change about our said relationship in all arenas of our lives, about Money$$! too.

Indeed we are moving into a new epoch (personally, I feel we are), .. "The Age of Aquarius" come the Solstice on Dec 21st, where Jupiter & Saturn will both move into Aquarius, the element will change into AIR. For the last 200 years it has been in the element of Earth/Form/Materialism & so we will move into Creativity/Collective thinking/the mind/intellect/AI/ the internet/and CryptoCurrency. Yes, that too; we will be money changing times before we know it.

For an interesting article about the changing times in the CryptoCurrency world click here

November will have 3 planets turning direct & the coming together for the 3rd time on the 12th November, Jupiter & Pluto in the 3rd decan of Capricorn. Essentially, we are being forged into a new form with an internal power that possibly you have tasted this year more than once.
The Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn astrological signature occurring this year have not occurred for over 730 years. Certainly the Mars Retrograde in Aries squaring off with the 3 power boys altogether, for 2,000 years!!

The Chronocrator's are booming across the globe their intentions of the advent of the new Epoch and have you restructured all that you can? How can you shift your perspective bigger and broader? How can you feel your way forward rather than depend on old limited thinking? Switch into being curious and trying out new ways. Do you discriminate enough? What is true for you, even though the information says ... ? Beliefs are being tried & tested, what are yours now?
It is certainly time now to ponder upon much as we draw near to the Solstice.

We are being prepared for the great Shift/ the ReSet.

How can you make the necessary changes in your life?

For those of you who missed my last Moon Meditation here it is


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